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Get Your Drink On (The Cheap) At The Stadium With The Freedom Flask


BustedCoverage reports via that 46 students were ejected and 29 were arrested during Saturday’s Wisconsin-Arizona State football game at Camp Randall Stadium. The majority of those ejected were for possession of alcohol. Don’t let this happen to you! Be smart when smuggling booze into the game.

The smuggling device of choice is a flask. Pour your favorite beverage into the metal monogrammed tin and you’re set, right? Well, stadium security has really cracked down over the years, so if that guard feels a bulky metal object in your pocket, you can expect to have the bomb squad spelunking your bunghole.

There’ve been amazing advances in alcohol concealment, though – from the seat cushion you can fill with booze to the fake beer belly to the fake leg cast. Each are clever but cumbersome and unattractive. Do you really want to be known as the fat crippled dude with hemorrhoids at games?

Recently, COED came across the Freedom Flask, which looks like a fanny pack that you wear under your clothes. The leakproof plastic pouch holds over 750ML of liquid and costs around $25.

Trust me, I went to a Washington – Oregon State game in Seattle with a tin flask. You wouldn’t believe the looks I got from the other teams’ parents. This way, you go in a stall, close the door, pour your drink and no one’s the wiser. Yeah, those fans “not in the know” will think you have a bladder problem, but your buddies and future hook-ups know your only problem will be sore hands from high-fiving the sh*t out of your section.

You can order one at Freedom Flask’s online store.

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