Shooting Game Invites Players To Kill Students

“Eliminate all the students, then kill any cops you can!” That’s the introductory text to a controversial online game called, “Dawson College Massacre” in which players are invited to play the part of Kimveer Gill, the notorious gunman responsible for killing one student and injuring 19 others before taking his own life with a bullet to the dome. Brenda Branswell of the Montreal Gazette reports the game surfaced on the Internet days before the fourth anniversary of the tragedy.

A survey taken by more than 980 students and employees revealed, “30 percent of respondents experienced post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression, alcohol dependence and/or social phobia.”

Maybe I watch too many movies, but what ever happened to the sharpshooter or superhero knocking the gun out of the shooter’s hand BEFORE he shoots himself in the head, so we can either A) make this kid live with what he’s done (and probably get harassed the rest of his horrible existence) or B) torture the piss out of him. Like, bring in the Wu Tang Clan and have them just keep feeding him and feeding him and feeding him…

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