It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 6 Premieres Tonight!

Ever sit around with your friends at a bar and think your racist / misogynistic / politically incorrect banter would make for good television? Well, while you’re trying to decipher the TV show ideas you wrote on the napkin you left in your now laundered jeans, you can live vicariously through the crew of the hilarious show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. The sixth season is set to premiere tonight (9/16) on FX and since each fan likes to peg a member of their own crew as someone in the Paddy’s Crew (face it, we all have a useless chick), let’s look at best and, for lack of a better term, brightest moments from each character. Let’s ride, bitches!

Dennis: Self-appointed Leader, Undisputed King of Dicks

Dennis Reynolds is about as self-involved and bro-tastic as it gets in regards to television characters. And only on television can those characteristics be amusing. There’s a lot to choose from in the Dennis Reynolds Hall of Awesome but I think we can all agree that the man outdid himself when he created a full proof plan to scoring “strange”:

The D.E.N.N.I.S. System

A lot of us probably use the D.E.N.N.I.S. System;¬†we just aren’t dick enough to spell it out the way Mr. Reynolds does or we don’t have a television show to express said ideas.

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Mac: Resident Badass, Banger of Old Ladies & Trannys

Imagine the big, giant teddy bear that wouldn’t hurt a fly. Now imagine him about 6 inches shorter and looking like a Jersey Shore season 3 reject. Only, he’s not the least bit intimidating. That’s Mac. Mac pretends he’s “hard” (insert your own joke), but deep down he seeks approval from others. The results? Hilarity. The best example, in this writers opinion, is Mac is a Serial Killer The title is self-explanatory. Thank me later.

Check out: Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom, The World Series Defense.

Sweet Dee: The Useless Chick

It’s one thing to be a dick to the girl that’s always around. Many a dude is guilty of this. I’m guilty of this. I’m sure the chick all the apostles wanted to bang back in biblical times got her fair share of dickish behavior. That’s Sweet Dee: a tall, bird-like punching bag. Dee is at her best when she’s wasted drunk and throwing herself at random people. Or….no that’s pretty much it. Aside from that, she also does bang up work in The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis.

For further viewing: Dee and Dennis Go on Welfare, Sweet Dee Dates a Retarded Person.

Frank: The Absolute Mess

Frank wasn’t supposed to be a part of the crew. He was a negligent father who did what any self respecting man of sound XY chromosomes would do: he used his money to convince his kids’ friends how cool he was and forced his way into the group. And it’s been debauchery and benders ever since. Take the oldest dude you know who is trying to extend his mid-life crisis and multiply it by 1000. That’s how utterly out of his mind Frank Reynolds is. Frank’s spotlight: The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention. Danny DeVito has made a habit of, as far as we know, showing up drunk on television. That’s kind of the direction he was going with this one. Just with canned wine.

Charlie: Bearded Infant-Teenager

For those confused by the post-colon description, Charlie is one step below a man-child. He also might be the single most hilarious person on television. Charlie is the bear you poke ‘cuz you know he’ll continue to lose his mind rather than hurt you. When his voice goes to an octave only heard by teenage girls scalded with hot water in the shower, you know it’s party time. Charlie is at his best in the episode Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City. If you think you’ve seen a funny interpretation of Al Pacino as “Serpico”, you’re probably wrong. Check that. You’re DEFINITELY wrong.

See: Paddy’s Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens, any other episode that Charlie is prominently featured in.

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