Could You Go One Week Without Facebook?

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That’s the question asked of students at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology where school officials imposed a blackout on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets, according to Kathy Matheson of The Associated Press. We at COED asked a similar question earlier in the year.  We even gave you reasons for quitting. Granted, we also showed you how to stalk someone on “The Book,” but we want to make sure you’ve weighed all your options, okay sweety? We love you, you know that, right?

So, even though administration claims the blackout is not punishment or an effort to ban the sites, one has to wonder if this “experiment” will prove the sites are a distraction to productivity and concentration, thus leading to an eventual ban.

The school hopes to evaluate “the impact of social media on student’s lives” and not “how quickly cyber bullies will learn their cyber lesson”. Some applaud the effort, claiming it will help them focus in class while others (read: “the cool kids”) state they’ll text message or go off campus to check their ex-girlfriend’s relationship status. She’s a ho, dude. Let it go.

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