9 Great Songs to Listen to When You’re High

If smoking does not put you in the perfect emotional state already, then there are songs specifically made for people just like you. Rappers and mostly any musician of the 1970’s smoked a lot of weed when they were making their  music. So they know what it’s like when you have that deep yearning for a sound in your life that you need to be hearing at that moment. These are songs by potheads made for potheads. They’re  intended to entertain as well as give the stoner an even better reason to keep their high strong and their head in the clouds.

1. Jimi Hendrix-All Along the Watchtower

If you didn’t know already, Jimi Hendrix is kind of a legend when it comes to singing, playing/setting a guitar on fire, and smoking the sweet chiba. Plus he looked like the coolest stoner you could ever meet.

He has many songs dedicated to the art of smoking marijuana and all you need to do is put any one of his album’s on random and you will find a song that relates to some sort of drug.

Unfortunately we lost Mr. Hendrix way too early, as well as so many other ’60’s pot legends, to hear any new songs produced. Although Hendrix’s career only lasted seven years, his legacy still lives on in the hearts and minds of everyone — and most of all the lungs of every pothead just like him.

There are countless songs by Hendrix you could listen to while sober/intoxicated, but there are none better than All Along the Watchtower.

It has a real 1960’s vibe and sound to it that just puts your mind at ease and bring’s you on a real trip. Of course the instrumentals is nothing less than amazing and saying Hendrix was high when he made this is the understatement of the century.


2. Gorilla Zoe and Lil’ Wayne-Lost

I’m not too sure of Gorilla Zoe’s status on marijuana. But we all know Lil’ Wayne’s and according to every song ever made by him, he likes weed among many other drugs and alcoholic beverages mixed with cough medicine. No matter of that though because Gorilla Zoe and the trippy production makes this song.It’s hard just to decipher the meaning of the song.


All we know is that Zoe is lost on the road and doesn’t know where to go. It’s your job as a professional stoner to decipher the message that these two are sending. Could it be that they’re lost on a wild trip? Could they be lost in life? Or could they just be lost and need directions on a road since they’re probably stoned out of their minds.

3. Sublime-Smoke Two Joints

Just look at the name. There’s nothing to hide here in this song title. They smoke two joints in the day, two joints at night, in times of peace, and in times of war. Hell, they smoked two joints before they smoked two joints, which they then followed up by smoking two more joints.You have to love the Reefer Madness clip at the beginning too, who doesn’t love smoking a marijuana cigarette?


Once you're immortalized on the Simpsons, it's only up from there.

They have a penchant for smoking joints and encourage all of their many listeners to smoke joints as well and we here at Coed think that is just fine. They aren’t the same Sublime we used to know of, but I can guarantee that they are still smoking two joints and listening to their own songs.


4. Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Let’s get thing’s straight, this is the stonedest group of rappers since weed came to Hightown. Every song is the same damn thing and it doesn’t even matter because each song is better than the last. First of the month is no different as it’s about that special time in everyone’s life when you get that opportunity to freely smoke marijuana without worry of it showing up on any test’s. They even say plain and simple, “smoke a lot of weed on the first.”


A great song to relax and help clear your head of bad thought’s and stress and fill it with marijuana smoke instead. Any Bone Thug’s song will do, but if you’ve been stressed out a lot, then this is the song for you.

5. Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb

I’m pretty sure that the members of Pink Floyd know a thing of two about getting high in some sort of fashion. These guy’s were so trippy and creative that they are the group to listen to for every stoner. If there was a pothead mixtape, at least half of the songs would be by Pink Floyd. They’d also be featured on the acid mixtape and the why the fuck are the walls melting mixtape. They even made a movie called “The Wall” where you had to be on acid to even understand what was going on. Take one look at the poster above and tell me what that means. Take some acid and tell me in half an hour how the hammers somehow represent oppression and greed.


6. Outkast-Anything off of the ATLiens album.

Outkast is one of the greatest rap groups of all time because of their variety. They can rap about the gangster life, love and relationships, being fresh and clean, and even marijuana. Yeah, rappers talking about marijuana, I can’t believe it either. Each of their albums is  fantastic because they offer a plethora of great songs to listen to while you’re high or sober. But if you’re high and want to hear a good Outkast album, look no further than ATLiens. Wheels of Steel. ATLiens. E.T. All very fine choices, but there is no better song to listen to than Elevators. Put this on and you, me, your momma, and your cousin too will all love the sound of this smooth rap with very interesting vocals and a simple beat that only complement’s your high oh so well.



7. Cypress Hill-Ganja Bus

Cypress Hill is very one-dimensional because of the fact that they rap about one thing and one thing only: smoking weed. I didn’t say being one-dimensional is a bad thing because this is a good thing. Cypress Hill has probably been listened to by stoners more than any other band or singer. So many memorable songs to name and it is endless when you try to find a song  by Cypress Hill that isn’t about using the mary jane. In fact, it’s probably very difficult to find at least one song that isn’t about it, which is perfectly fine because why would you fix something that isn’t broken. They know how to rap about weed and know how to do it well. These look like some entertaining guy’s to have a session with, so B-Real if you’re reading this, you know where to go. Ganja Bus is just one of the many songs to listen to, but since it’s right there in the name, we’ll just go with it.


8. The Beatles-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Plain and simple, the Beatles are amazing. That’s all there is to say really because they cannot be matched by anyone when it comes to being this musically talented. Every song is revolutionary and carries a meaning, they speak to you and can relate to you in many ways. When they weren’t writing inspirational works of art, they were totally tripping balls. They were introduced to marijuana later in their career and let everyone know it when they created Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Yellow Submarine All you have to do is look at those names and you can tell that Paul, John, George, and Ringo were the greatest pothead’s of their generation. They managed to make everything work in their sober state and in their high state Every work was just as good as the last as every generation learned to love their music and as each decade goes by, the love for the Beatles lives on, especially with the stoner Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is one of many trippy, relaxing songs of the Beatles to listen to, but broaden your horizon when it comes to this group.



9. Bob Marley

There is no substitute. When it comes to getting high and listening to music, there is no one better to hear than the styling’s of Bob freaking Marley. Some of the most relaxed and perfect high songs have been produced by Marley. Marley’s career has thrived off of being a spiritual person and believing that marijuana is truly a herb meant to be enjoyed and not outlawed or frowned upon. He is hanging up in every college student’s dorm room for a reason and has been immortalized as the ultimate stoner. Marley’s legacy will live on forever and with each toke, it is a dedication the man himself.


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