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8 Films That Will Save 2010 From Being The Worst Movie Year Ever


The 2010 summer blockbuster season hosted a slew of disappointing flicks, prompting critics and film-goers to crown 2010 “The Worst Movie Year Ever” by mid-July. This verdict is understandable given the mega-flops of the early summer (Robin Hood, A-Team), but it’s a bit premature. When 2010 comes to a close, these 8 films might just save the year from being the worst ever.

©2010 Universal

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Serious film critics are not going to find Scott Pilgrim a very compelling character, but guys under the age of 40 are going to find him authentic, hilarious, and sympathetic. Presenting a world that could be best characterized as a nightmare in which you’re stuck in a comic-strip or a video game, it is entirely novel, unique, and fascinating. This is a guy’s movie that will be watched and rewatched for many years to come.

©2010 Warner Brothers


A mind-bender that will leave you wondering if you’re dreaming or dreaming that you’re dreaming, Inception is going to take on a life of its own in our cultural imagination, leaving an imprint greater than any other movie this year. And 2010 owns all rights, so take that 2011!

©2010 lionsgate films

Kick Ass

Another super-hero spoof to add to a long list, but this one  possesses more than a touch of Tarantino, so you can expect violence, profanity, and a heavy dose of funny. Critics have been generally favorable , but don’t fully appreciate its poetry as much as they would have had it come from a Tarantino script. It combines the super-hero spoof comedy and deadly edge of Reservoir Dogs with a whole new flavor, and does so brilliantly.

©2010 20th Century Fox


Cheech Marin as a dual shotgun wielding priest; Jessica Alba as a (hot) immigration officer; Robert DeNiro as a (not so hot) corrupt Texas Senator; Lindsay Lohan as a (hopefully hot) rich suburban brat/gunslinger; Steven Seagal as a Mexican Drug lord/martial arts master/Steven Seagal; Michelle Rodriquez as a one-eyed taco-making hottie bad-ass; and of course, Danny Trejo as the angry super human, death-dealing illegal immigrant maestro of blades, Machete. Check out this trailer and tell me Machete is not gonna be the most insanely killer movie ever. I dare you.

©2010 Focus Features

The American

George Clooney is one of the rare actors that can appeal to both men and women, and especially so in just the right roles. We suspect his role as a “okay, one last hit and then I retire” hitman hiding out in Italy will be one of the better examples of this type of brooding, violent, super-cool Clooney. There is already some Oscar buzz about this flick and all signs suggest The American will help 2010 end well.

©2010 Disney Pictures

Tron: Legacy

This remake of the 1982 film could go either way, but we are betting its going to be good if it’s starring Jeff Bridges. It’s also going to be in 3-D, which should be awesome, but a word of caution: it’s a Walt Disney joint. So it’ll really be anybody’s guess right up until December 17th, when it’s released in the US. But we’ve got our fingers crossed.

©2010 Paramount Pictures

True Grit

The Coen brothers are the closest that Hollywood will ever come to the Divine. And when they get together with Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, and Matt Damon to make a Western, you know it’s going to make you cringe and squirm. It’s also going to make you laugh at inappropriate moments and be one of the best damn Westerns in the history of film to boot. Pretty sure John Wayne would approve.

©2010 Paramount Pictures

The Fighter

Word is that Christian Bale is Oscar-worthy as supporting actor in this movie, making him an early favorite. No matter who wins, The Fighter promises to be solid, featuring Marky Mark Wahlberg and Amy “unbelievably gorgeous” Adams alongside Christian “So-Much-More-Than-Batman” Bale. These guys never go half-ass and this flick will provide just the platform to allow them to kick serious ass.

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