Three Days In London (Without Going Broke)

If you are an American college student with some time to kill there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t visit the UK.
Flights to London are cheaper than ever, and although the city is known for being notoriously expensive, you can have an amazing time with very little money.
Consider taking a long weekend trip to London this fall. Before you go, read this guide about my three days in London, which covers specific walking tours, must see views, museums to hit and also places to avoid. Also make sure you read hostel reviews on Hostel World to find a great, inexpensive place to stay, and buy yourself a good pair of walking shoes.

Three Walking Tours

Historical walking tour: Start at Buckingham Palace, walk east down The Mall and through St. James Park to Trafalgar Square. At Trafalgar Square you’ll see the National Gallery art museum (look around for 45 minutes). Then walk south down Whitehall St. You’ll pass Banqueting House, 10 Downing Street and end up at Parliament Square (House of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey), which is the heart of London – if not all of England.

Commercial walking tour: Start by taking the “Tube” to Piccadilly Circus, check out Regent Street directly to the west as well. Walk east down Coventry Street to Leicester Square. In the vicinity of Leicester Square is China Town and Soho – keep going east to Covent Garden. In Covent Garden you’ll find good food, the Royal Opera House, the Covent Garden outdoor shopping mall. If you’re looking to party at night Covent Garden is the spot to be.

The Views walking tour: Start St. Paul’s tube station. Go in St Paul’s Cathedral, then walk south across the Millennium Bridge, you’ll end up at the Tate Modern (check out Tate for 45 minutes – it’s free, good looking babes and unique modern art). After the Tate walk south-west along the River Thames (pronounced “Tems”) on the “Bankside” footpath. Along the the South Bank you’ll see the small art galleries, outdoor flea markets, street performers, and will eventually end up at the Southbank Centre, home of the London Eye, Dali museum and Westminster Bridge.

Must See Views

• The view of Parliament, Big Ben and the London skyline from Southbank Centre.

• View from the midway point of the Millennium Bridge – Directly to the north will be St. Paul’s Cathedral, directly to the south with be the Tate Modern and the East will be the Tower Bridge.

Must See Museums

Tate Modern
National Gallery

Must See Locations

Parliament Square
Trafalgar Square
Piccadilly Circus
Covent Garden
Millennium Bridge
Abbey Road Studios (If you have time)

Places to Avoid

Kensington– It’s overrated. People are douchey, so unless you are with your girlfriend – and she is a Victoria Beckham wannabe – avoid Kensington at all costs.
Queen’s Jewel Tower: F—kin tourist trap. I was expecting $1 billion in diamonds and gold and there is nothing, just a 600 year old tower that hasn’t held any riches in over 400 years.

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