10 Things In A Girl’s Room That Should Scare You Off

You can tell a lot about a girl by what’s in her room. For example, if everything is neat and organized, chances are she’s pretty on top of things. If her room is a pig-sty, she may be more laid back — so you can probably take her as being one of the guys. Too much pink? It could signal a college girl that hasn’t fully grown up yet. Too many childhood toys? Yeah, she’s definitely not looking to grow up anytime soon. However, the color scheme seems like a joke in comparison to so many other things you could find. For your future relationship sanity, here is a list of ten things that should probably scare you off in a girl’s room:

1. A comprehensive collection of stuffed animals: While you may find it common place for a girl to have a stuffed animal or two accompany her bed, anything beyond a few is a little much. She may have had them for all her life, but now that’ she’s in college, she doesn’t need her entire collection of Beanie Babies in bed with her at night. If stuffed animals decorate her shelves, floorboards, desk, TV stand, and dresser — this should tip you off as a no-no. Same goes for baby dolls. Just say no.

2. Modeling Trophies from the ’90s: So, Tiffany was a model … when she was seven years old. There is no reason she should have her second place at the local beauty contest trophy displayed. This also goes with any modeling pictures from her childhood. Yeah, it’s great — she was a JCPenny catalogue model, but this is 2010 and it’s college. This says she’s holding onto a reality from years ago. Also, run for the hills if she still tells people “I’m a model,” as if she just did the latest Victoria’s Secret commercial.

3. Daddy’s Little Girl trinkets: If she has anything that says “Daddy’s Little Girl” or “Daddy’s Princess,” chances are she is exactly that — a Daddy’s girl that gets whatever she wants. If her Dad always gives his Princess what she wants, she will expect you to do the same. Also, family pictures are okay, but if she has pictures of her and her father framed and scattered around the room, you may want to consider finding your way out before things get creepy.

4. The Ex-Boyfriend’s Junk: When going over to your new girlfriend’s place for the first time, you should not find anything left-over from an ex-boyfriend. If you do, consider it a red flag. If she has a collection of his old clothes, that she still wears … in front of you, run. Who is that guy in all of her picture frames? Yeah — that’s not normal. Any girl that has been out of a relationship for awhile should not be holding onto pictures and personal reminders. If she has this stuff, just say “Next” and move on.

5. An Overload of Teenybopper Things: College girls, for some reason, have a love for teenybopper-esque bands such as the Jonas Brothers. A poster or two is okay, but if Emily’s room is covered wall to wall in glossy posters of Joe Jonas, she is well past obsessed for her someone her age. Also, if a girl has a collection of ’90s pop memorabilia (Hanson, Backstreet Boys, *N Sync…), she may be holding onto her childhood a little too much. There is no need to have Nick Carter posters on your ceiling above your bed when you’re 21. As a guy, you may still fantasize about pop princess Britney Spears, instead of trainwreck Britney, but that doesn’t mean you have “Oops! … I Did It Again” posters in your room.

6. Sorority Stuff: There is a difference between having her sorority’s Greek letters on her wall and having everything represent her sorority life. If her bedspread is some kind of signature sorority print, this might be okay — just make sure she has some sort of individuality. If everything has some kind of sorority relation, she’s probably into one thing and one thing only — her sorority and herself, so unless you’re looking for a girl like that, hit the road. She’ll have no personality because she’s too wrapped up in being like the rest of her sisters.

7. Sex Toys … Out in the Open: Guys, tons of girl’s own sex toys for their own pleasure, so don’t let that surprise you. However, if she has her vibrator on top of her nightstand, that’s a little weird. Even those who are very open about their sexuality don’t just leave things like that for anyone to stumble across. Consider this as a sign for someone who has no boundaries or concept of personal space.

8. Girl-On-Girl things: This is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re trying to hook up with a girl or date her, you probably won’t get very far if her room sports posters of girls kissing girls, lesbian couples holding hands, or well, of course, Ellen. Also, if she has a collection of erotic lesbian stories or porn that features any kind of girl-on-girl, and you can easily identify this upon entering her room (without snooping), consider yourself out of luck, unless you just really wanted to be friends or want to have a threesome.

9. Photos of herself: Girls usually have pictures of their families, their friends, their dogs and cats at home, and maybe a funny picture or two of themselves. However, if she has nothing but pictures of herself — that’s not normal. Any girl that displays herself in frame after frame is only into one thing: herself. Expect her to be high maintenance and obsessed with the one and only person that matters in her life … that person being her. Oh, and if she has any kind of poster or pop-art of herself displayed, even in the midst of other pictures, it shows she is the focal point of her room. She is the piece of art. Just say no, unless you want your entire world to revolve around her.

10. Her Diary: So, you’re sitting on her bed and she goes to the bathroom. You look on her desk, and in all of it’s glorious glossy pink color is her diary. Do you read it? Hell no. Don’t even touch it. Hide it if you have to. Just don’t even dive in their because chances are, if you do, you will be running for the hills. Just say no. Let it be.

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