How to Survive an Epic Night of Drinking

Ever see a few people at a party who are already so wasted they can’t even stand by 10 pm? Or maybe the couple that showed up the bar already in a state which resulted in their ejection about 10 minutes after arriving? Check out these handy pointers to survive your next marathon of a Saturday night and outlast the rest of your friends with ease. It might sound simple, but we all already know how easy it is to screw everything up.
Try not to start too early. Sure, happy hour practically always sounds like an awesome idea, especially after an extensive work week, but this is a sure-fire downfall for many. A pint and a plate of wings can turn into pitchers and shots before you even know what’s happened, nearly always leading to an early night. You can drink early, or drink later; trying to do both will usually end up in some slightly embarassing sloppiness.
For the love of God, eat something! Excuses such as, “I didn’t have time,” or “I need to catch up,” shouldn’t ever fly, as this is one of the worst mistakes people somehow still continue to make. Without anything to soak up the booze, you’ll be tanked faster than a 16-year-old after Junior Prom, which really doesn’t do anything for your chances with the blonde new hire who happens to sit next to you at the office.
Drink water. No, it’s not a joke. We’re not saying to start pounding glasses of water in between every drink (especially if you’re drinking light beer), but hydrating a little in between parties or bars is an amazing way to regain your footing and catch that second (or third) wind. This offsets the effects of the alcohol, and also helps avoid a paralyzing headache the next morning.
Avoid multiple shots at once. Nothing delivers the KO punch like an ill conceived series of shots taken too close together. Especially once time starts to lose all meaning, you’re even more susceptible to this, so at least making an attempt to avoid throwing back three consecutive shots of Jagermeister will most likely work out in your favor.
Know your alcohol contents. This consistently goes overlooked, especially for people who usually consume the same two or three types of drinks in a typical night out. If you’re a beer drinker, pay attention to the differences between light beer and something such as an IPA, which could take you down pretty quickly, even at 7% alcohol. Shots of straight alcohol will leave you woozy much faster than mixed ones, so watch out for that as well. Also, mixed drinks are never an exact science, depending on the recipe, as well as the bartender, so try to resist assuming anything is constant.

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