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5 Fantasy Football Players To Keep Your Eye On


By now you have probably done all the homework you are going to do. You have watched countless hours of NFL Total Access, Sports Center, and more preseason games than you care to admit. You have studied the statistics and researched all the probabilities. Your fantasy draft day has come and gone. Yet you still missed out on ‘that guy’ who blew up in the first week of the season. It is as inevitable as Ricky Williams self-medicating to deal with the aches and pains of playing football —everyone in your league is going to miss someone and leave a good player undrafted. If you want to know whom you should stash on your bench so that you can look like a fantasy genius read on and see what our crack research staff of drunken monkeys came up with.

Arian Foster, RB, Houston Texans

Everyone knows that when it comes to the Texans you want Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, and Owen Daniels (if you have to have a tight end). With the horrible running game they had last season no one will think twice about not drafting a Texans running back. However, you may even want to start the guy the Texans have running the rock- Arian Foster.

Not only did this guy do pretty well in two games at the end of 2009, but he also looked strong in preseason games recently gouging the Cowboys for 110 yards. Houston wants to be good at running the ball and will try to do so; this guy has the ability to be a solid back up and possibly a good starter for your team (especially when he plays a horrible run defense like the Colts in week one).

Sam Bradford, QB, St. Louis Rams

Typically, rookie quarterbacks are not known for coming out guns blazing and being a success right out of the gate, but if anyone could do just that it would be this guy.

The Rams can’t lean on the run too much in order to protect Sam Bradford from having to do too much. Steven Jackson is one of the best in the game, but he is also the most overused back in recent years as well; the poor guy is due for bad injury with the beating that the Rams subject him to.

Bradford does have the talent and ability to get the job done with the young, raw talent that he has around him. With so many teams likely to underestimate the Rams due to the 1-15 season they had last year there is a chance this guy could sneak up on the league and be good early.

Jordan Shipley, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

Carson Palmer is a good quarterback who now has a talented group of receivers surrounding him in Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, and rookie Jordan Shipley. Don’t be surprised if the rookie from the University of Texas quietly wracks up yards and catches, ala Wes Wellker-style, like he did last year in Austin. With T.O. and Ochocinco busy comparing reviews of their VH1 shows the stage could very well be set for someone like Shipley to be the workhorse and collect a lot of possession type receptions (that T.O would drop and Ochocinco tweet about at halftime).

Greg Camarillo, WR, Minnesota Vikings

Camarillo was a decent receiver on a running team with an okay quarterback. Now he is on a team that has arguable on of the best quarterbacks to ever step on the gridiron throwing the ball around. With Sidney Rice done for half the season and Bernard Berrian more concerned about Ochocinco’s reality show the stage is set for whomever catches more balls between Camarillo and Javon Walker to be the next fantasy stud. My money is on Camarillo.

A Washington Running Back other than Clinton Portis

Portis has had injury filled seasons in the past and then come back the following season and done well. I don’t think he will this time. I see Portis getting another concussion early and Mike Shanahan doing what he does best, make whomever lines up in the backfield look like an all-pro.

  • COED Writer