Forget Cash, Pay With A Fist Bump

If you are a regular reader of COED then I am willing to bet you have a PayPal account and know how to use it. Last week we went to an event at 40/40 Club and got to speak with former NFL star, current ESPN analyst and unlikely tech geek Merril Hoge.  Usually we don’t feature shameless plugs on COED but he told us about a new application from PayPal called “Bump” and when he showed me how to use it my mind was seriously blown. Basically if you have an iPhone, Droid or any other smartphone you can now transfer money to anyone just by simply tapping phones. I’ve been saying this day is coming for years and it is finally here.  I can’t wait for the day I close a $20 million deal with P. Diddy and he pays me with a fist bump.

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