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Why Isn’t Melanie Brown A Chargers Girl Anymore? (PICS)


In terms of cheerleaders, the San Diego Chargers have the hottest squad in the NFL. Don’t believe me? Just look at these pictures from training camp and you’ll be singing a different tune. Today we were going to run a story called, “Is Melanie Brown The Hottest Cheerleader In The NFL” but when we went to the Charger Girl website we were shocked to find out Melanie isn’t apart of the team anymore. We pulled over 60 ridiculously sexy photos but instead of sending them to the recycling bin them let’s spin this article and try to get an answer as to why this former Pro Bowl cheerleader isn’t a Charger Girl anymore. Was she cut? Did she decide to parlay her appearance as an Ironette Girl into an acting career? Is this guy her sugar daddy and she’s decided to take a year off chill on his yacht exploring the seven seas? What is the deal. We’re going to drop Melanie a line on her Facebook page and see if we can solve the mystery.

  • COED Writer