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5 Classic Adult Films That Made History


Pornography used to be illegal in the United States. Hard to imagine, but true. Like a world without flowers, pretty birds, or Megan Fox, the world without porn was a cold and ugly place. But thankfully something happened to change that: millions of stoned hippies getting naked, annihilating cultural taboos, and initiating a sexual revolution that some would say culminated in the 1970’s when feature pornos were actually taken as serious cinema. This phenomenon was referred to as Porno Chic and for the continuing education of our readers, we offer you the 5 most noteworthy classics of that era.

1. Deep Throat – The tender story of a woman plagued with a rare medical condition: her clitoris is located in the back of her throat! Although her doctor thinks it’s strange, he doesn’t hesitate to give her a remedy. He decides the obvious treatment is for her to perform fellatio as much as possible. Makes sense to us. It also made sense to hundreds of thousands of other people and it is credited with being the number one grossing porno of all time. It was also funded with Mob money, which could partly account for the large piles of cash that would get laundered through the Mob run theatres.

2. Debbie Does Dallas – One of the best known adult movies of all time, Debbie Does Dallas is misnamed, as Debbie does not do anybody named Dallas or anybody in the city of Dallas. Or in all of Texas, for that matter. As the story goes, Debbie’s cheerleading squad are trying to raise money to pay for Debbie’s trip to Dallas so she can try out for the “Dallas Cowgirls” squad. They swear off sex, but soon discover the oldest profession is also the easiest. And quickest. And quite convenient since they are having sex with everybody anyways. But despite all the sex and money changing hands for various favors, the girls never set foot Texas.

3. Behind the Green Door – Possibly the first psychedelic porn movie, Behind the Green Door featured some trippy cinematography, including a 7 minute slow-motion spooge-in-air sequence as well as the first real focus on “Money Shots.’ A recent movie telling the story of the makers of the film, the Mitchell brothers, stars brothers Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez (“X-Rated”, 2000). Overall, Behind The Green Door grossed over 25 million dollars in sales, making it one of the most popular adult films of all time. And, it was even screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

4. The Devil in Miss Jones – One of the more serious attempts at film, The Devil in Miss Jones begins with a suicide: Miss Jones, a lonely spinster is seen laying in a bathtub with slit wrists. Not the start of your typical porn. Miss Jones is then confronted by some sort of angel that tells her since she committed suicide, she will not be able to enter Heaven, but will instead spend all eternity in Purgatory/Limbo. Naturally, she thinks that kind of sucks and so begs the angel to allow her to earn her place in hell. The angel consents, and Miss Jones returns to earth, commits numerous and wonderful sins, and eventually reaches hell. Hilarity ensues.

5. Mona the Virgin Nymph – If the US porn industry were its own nation, as previously suggested, then Mona The Virgin Nymph would be its declaration of independence because it is credited as being the first pornographic film to receive “wide theatrical release” in the US. It is somewhat shorter in length and thinner in plot than the other films on this list, but earns its place as being the  film that saved the world. In a way.

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