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Denise Milani Behaving Like A Dog for National Dog Day [104 Photos]


If you didn’t already know, August 26th is National Dog Day… a day to honor dogs, rescue dogs and recognize the value and importance of dogs in our lives.  Since it’s not really COED’s style to post cute pictures of cuddly canines doing crazy things (albeit last year we featured Hot Bikini Bitches and during the holidays Suicidal Christmas Dogs) we literally ‘racked’ our brains to find an angle that would make our readers proud.  We were thinking rack and dog and dog and rack and naturally Denise Milani came to mind.  I mean who is more blessed with a beautiful rack than Denise Milani… and her signature pose is the dog on all fours.  So BINGO, there you have it.  104 Photos of Denise Milani Behaving Like A Dog For National Dog Day.  Yes, it’s a bit of a stretch, but doubt you’ll be complaining.  Enjoy.

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