The Babes of America’s Biggest Breastaurants [Photos]


When it comes to Breastaurants, Hooters leads the way with their barely-dressed waitresses. But they’re not the only ones who know how to dress their ladies in titillating outfits. Imitators have popped up across the country and we’ve done the hard work of figuring out which ones also have…great wings.

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Twin Peaks “Eats • Drinks • Scenic Views” “Twice The Fun”

Location: 12 in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico

Signature Food: Chili

Notable Fact: The term breastaurant was first coined in an article about Twin Peaks

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Hooters “Only a rooster can get a better piece of chicken”

Locations: 435+ stores in the USA, and 24 countries worldwide

Signature Food: Hot Wings

Notable Fact: Hooters forbids girls to wear ponytails

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Heart Attack Grill “Taste Worth Dying For”

Locations: 1 in Chandler, Arizona

Signature Food: Triple Bypass Burger

Notable Fact: Anyone over 350lbs eats for free.

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Tilted Kilt “A Cold Beer Never Looked So Good”

Locations: In 14 States

Signature Food: Beer

Notable Fact: Originated in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Bone Daddy’s

Locations: 4 in Texas

Signature Food: Barbeque

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