5 Things to Say to Make a Woman Want You

Forget corny pick-up lines and forget wasting your money on buying a potential hook-up a drink. You’re a COED man and you shouldn’t have to go around a bar begging girls to go home with you. Instead, take our advice, and you’ll have all the women you meet dying to sleep with you. Let’s just hope that she can keep it her in her pants until you find a bed.

5. “I want you.”

It’s short and it’s simple and yet she’ll be clawing at your pants as soon as the words leave your lips. Whether she’s your wife, your girlfriend, or some girl you just met, she’ll take this as a huge compliment. One second you’re throwing out compliments and the next second she’s throwing off her clothes. Want to give yourself a nice treat when you get home? Leave her an “I want you” voicemail while she’s at work.  The more you want her, the more she’ll want you. Just don’t try any of these sayings in order to get laid.

4. “I love you.”

Now take note, “I love you,” should only be used when you’re in a committed relationship (or you really want a quality BJ from a relationship-crazed woman you met online). It’s one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs around as long as you know how and when to use it. The key is sparingly. You don’t want to diminish the meaning of the phrase and turn it into “what’s for dinner?”

3. “You are awesome in bed.”

Even the hottest women have huge moments of doubt about their sex appeal. Boost her self confidence while simultaneously boosting your time in bed by letting her know just amazing she is at sex. You’ll be amazed at how much a desired woman desires you. It’s also a good excuse for some Monday morning sex.

2. “You look great.”

Compliments for women are like dog treats for a dog. They’ll want them again and again. Tell your girlfriend how hot she looks in her sweat pants and before you know it she’ll be whipping off the white strips and hopping into bed.  However, don’t overdo the compliments or your girlfriend will start to get suspicious that you only complimented her pantsuit because you wanted to get some. Here are some other great lines to use on women.

1. “You are very sexy.”

As said before, some of the hottest women are oblivious to the fact that they can give any guy a hard-on just by making eye contact. Treat your woman like the sex goddess she really is by reminding her that she’s extremely sexy.  And don’t be scared to use your hands to visually show which parts of her you find the most sexy. Catcalls might just get you laid as well. Just beware on who you use them on. Some women could bite your head off like a pit bull.

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