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5 Best TV Shows You’ve Never Heard Of


TV can be overwhelming. Sometimes, the glitz and glamor of the big name TV programs overshadow some of our smaller favorites. These shows are often cancelled and than disappear into the ether (or youtube). But they are still great, entertaining shows. Here are some of the best TV shows you’ve never heard of.

The IT Crowd

This British series is frackin’ hilarious. It follows a team of IT workers as they slave away in the dungeons of a big company. The production value seems strange at first, but you’ll grow to love it as well as the groups crazy antics. It’s sometimes on American cable channel IFC (if you get it, more power to you). However, there are also lots of clips on youtube. More good news, several seasons are available on DVD. Even better news: more seasons are being made, so you have something to look forward to (in addition to your mom’s Christmas fruitcakes).

Campus Ladies

Poor Campus Ladies. They were doomed from the start. Relegated to women’s cable network Oxygen, this hilarious sitcom was never able to attract enough of a viewer base to make a go of it and was quickly cancelled. The show follows two middle-aged divorcees as they go to college. They live in the dorms, join extra-curricular activities, and make you laugh. Sadly, this show is not even available on DVD. Thankfully, youtube has your back.

Last One Standing

The first season of this show was made by the BBC and Discovery Channel. Subsequent seasons have never aired in the US, but the first season was enough to win our hearts. In this reality show, six men (three Brits, three Americans) travelled around the world competing in local sports. It was thrilling, hilarious, and informative. You can relive all the greatest moments with the DVD of this season.

The Mole

So maybe you’ve heard of this show. After all, it did air for five seasons. But really, the first two seasons are the ones we endorse. With Anderson Cooper hosting and hilarious contestants, this reality competition was smarter and funnier than most of its reality counterparts. For two glorious seasons (and then three more less impressive seasons), one contestants worked as a saboteur, secretly working against the other contestants. To win, contestants needed to figure out who this illusive character was. Season one and Celebrity Mole: Hawaii are both available on DVD for your viewing pleasure. However, we’re still hoping that one day season two will become available. Here’s a little first season Mole-y action to whet your appetite.


Possibly the freakiest show ever on television, this HBO series was cancelled several years ago (sadly, before there was any definitive conclusion). But it was a fun ride while it lasted. Set in the 1930s, this series followed a traveling carnival and some strange (and sometimes supernatural) characters associated with it. If you want to have nightmares for the next few weeks, check out the DVDs or watch some clips on youtube.

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