COED Goes to Vegas (and Returns Alive)

Last week, Harrah’s flew myself and several other quality bloggers (including our friends over at Askmen, Guyism, Asylum, CollegeCandy, and BroBible) to Vegas to experience the Diamond Life. From beginning to end it was a wild ride and I’m still pretty impressed that I ended it without any major damage (to Planet Hollywood or to my body).¬† The guys over at Harrah’s wanted to give us a taste of their Total Rewards Program, (a program designed for their high rollers who come to Vegas to do some serious gambling). From being picked up at the airport in limos to staying at Planet Hollywood to attending the Expendables premiere, I got a legit taste of what life is like with a Total Rewards Diamond card.

Harrah’s Total Rewards Program allows the biggest spenders to have access to all that Harrah’s has to offer. The cards, which can be used at any Harrah’s worldwide, let you skip all and any lines (hello all-you-can-eat buffet), give you access to exclusive events (hello Mr. Stallone), and remind the Harrah’s staff to treat you like royalty (hello welcome fruit basket in our room). For a blogger, who is usually treated like a homeless person with a computer, this was truly the life.

The first night we were treated to a phenomenal Japanese dinner at Koi. While everyone went crazy scarfing down all the spicy tuna, I stuck to my lychee martini and drank it like a man (men drink those right?). After we ate 16 courses (give or take), we gambled some on the casino floor, did a little exploring, and got excited for spending a full “work” day in Vegas. Spoiler alert: we got no work done.

On day two we lounged by the pool with our favorite bros, sat in the misting chairs (yes those exist in Vegas), and attempted not to get 3rd-degree burns in the 105 degree weather. This involved lathering on sunscreen every 15 seconds. It wasn’t sexy, but it was mandatroy. Although¬† being a Diamond Card holder pretty much guaranteed that if we did get burnt, there would be a Harrah’s employee ready and willing to rub on some aloe (I’m joking, kinda…).

After we were all sunned-out, we went back to our rooms, and rested up for dinner. I say rested, because the amount of food presented to us required a lot of thought, intense planning, and a few stomach expansion exercises. We met up with everyone at the famous Strip House Steakhouse.¬† While the steak was amazing (nice and rare), the appetizers were even better. It’s not everyday people encourage you to eat bacon-wrapped apples.

We finished the night with bottle service at Pure, Vegas’s hottest nightclub. At some points there was dancing, at other points there was socializing, and at the lowest points there were moments when I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it home. But I woke up alive and ready to go on our last day.

At some point during the night, Planet Hollywood’s transformed from a hotel to an Expendables fan’s wet dream. There was a meet and greet with Randy Couture and a red carpet running through the whole hotel. Before we knew it, we were standing on the press line watching all the movie’s biggest stars casually stroll by. It’s hard to believe that I was inches away from Arnold exactly a week ago…and now I’m just inches away from my computer screen.

Such is Vegas. Once second you’re having the craziest week of your life, and the next you’re back at work wondering if that all really just happened.

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Disclaimer: Harrah’s Entertainment paid for this trip and provided four days of Diamond status for the story. The opinions are entirely my own.

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