Brew Review: Stella Artois

On the rare instance I make it to Happy Hour, my choice of beer is usually one that can take the edge off without being too expensive (and complex) or too cheap (and cheap-tasting). I’d say eight times out of ten, Stella Artois does the job.
The pride of Belgium pours a light golden color with plenty of frothy head and bubbles; a grassy, citrus scent gives way to a smell of slightly skunked beer, which isn’t very attractive to say the least. Still, its distinct stink is similar to almost every Euro Pale Lager I’ve encountered, so methinks its hereditary…
Drinking a Stella ice-cold is recommended, as its high carbonation gives it that trademark Stella bite. The taste is slightly bitter, giving way to a light malt flavor that is very refreshing – perfect for those days when casual beer drinking can lead to a long night.
As a pre-game beer, it’s close to perfect: ease in with some Stellas and move on to greener pastures…or stay green.
Stella may be nothing more than a typical Euro Pale Lager for those in the know. To me, ignorance is bliss at times: diving deep into beer appreciation makes some forget that not everybody wants a sophisticated beer; sometimes a good beer at a great value is more than acceptable.
Stella Artois stats:
Smells like: a citrus skunk
Tastes like: a light (and somewhat bitter) standard Euro Pale Ale
Alcohol content: 5.20%, perfect for pre-gaming

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