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The 15 Most Dangerous Women on the Web


Anyone who has had a one-night stand followed by an unidentifiable rash can tell you just how dangerous women can be. But for the men who usually play it safe by only experimenting with risky ladies online, be aware that you’re porn-surfing might be a lot more dangerous than you think. A simple search of Cameron Diaz can land your computer in a whole lot of malware hell (think herpes for your hard drive). So take precaution and check out the most dangerous women on the web.

#15 Sarah Palin

Click image to see: “I Scissored Sarah Palin”

#14 Justin Bieber

Click image to see: Un-Belieberly Awesome Justin Bieber Fan Art

#13 Miley Cyrus

Click image to see:: The Complete Collection of Miley Cyrus’ Scandalous Pictures

#12 Lady Gaga

Click image to see: Lady GaGa is a man?

#11 Maria Sharapova

Click image to see: Dozens of super sexy Sharapova photos

#10 Anna Paquin

Click image to see: Anna Paquin naked!

#09 Penelope Cruz

Click image to see: Penelope Cruz make out with Scarlett Johansson

#08 Heidi Klum

Click image to see: The 52 Best Natural Breasts of All-Time

#07 Nicole Kidman

Click image to see: Nicole Kidman naked!

#06 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Click image to see: Gigantic Jennifer Love Hewitt Jiggling Boob GIFS: Part 1 [30 GIFS]

#05 Adriana Lima

Click image to see: Adriana Lima’s supposed sex tape screen grabs!

#04 Gisele Bundchen

Click image to see: A serious Gisele hand bra!

#03 Jessica Biel

Click image to see: Jessica Biel’s GQ photoshoot

#02 Julia Roberts

Click image to see: Julia Roberts and a horse side by side, it’s quite scary!

#01 Cameron Diaz

Click image to see: Cameron Diaz smoking pot!

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