10 Things Every Guy Needs For His Off Campus House

Moving from a dorm or a dirty frat house into an off-campus house is one of the perks of becoming an upperclassmen in college. You usually pick your friends, find a place, sign the lease, and then party on your own terms. However, just like dorm-room essentials, every guy moving into an off-campus house (whether it’s a one bedroom apartment or a four bedroom house) needs a few things…

Febreze: Your mom probably has Febreze on hand at home. You will need it. Just because it will make things smell nice does not take away your masculinity. Spray it in the bathroom. Spray it on your sheets. Spray it on your dirty clothes. Spray it in your gym shoes. Hell, spray it on yourself if you have to. Just keep things smelling nice. Oh and if it makes you feel better, it’s the “official scent of the NFL.”
A supply of toilet paper: If you ever plan on having girls over, you should keep a few rolls stashed away. You can pee on the seat all you want when no one else is around now that you have your own place, but show some consideration and wipe it up when your lady friends are over.

A Blender: Handing out Nattie Light gets old. Have a blender on hand to make some margaritas, some mixed drinks, and anything else that doesn’t require beer. It’s okay to switch it up from time to time, guys. Also, you can use a blender to make smoothies and protein shakes, so consider it your best friend after the gym. Any kind of appliance that has multiple uses should be in your kitchen — keep this in mind when stocking up!




A Stocked Fridge & Pantry: Like this guy, you should have a stocked fridge. Don’t be the guy that only has ketchup and beer in his refrigerator. Make it look like you know your way around the kitchen, make it seem like you can cater to guests. Think of it this way too — by stocking up, you will also keep yourself from going hungry. Need a power bar? You should already have them in your pantry. Want some Gatorade to wash it down with? Yeah — it’s already in your fridge. Consider yourself all set once your fridge is full!


A Cook book: Now that you have all that food, you should think about doing something with it. The Healthy College Cook Book, The Starving Students Cookbook, and Look, Dude, I Can Cook! are just some great cookbooks to get you preparing simple snacks and meals in no time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a home cooked meal every so often? By learning how to cook, think of all the women you’ll make happy (including your mom)!


The Wine Rabbit: How many times have you tried to open a bottle of wine and have not had a corkscrew around? While you may have the skills to open a bottle of wine with a butter knife or even a set of keys, there is no need to get creative because this amazing Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Tool Kit will amaze you and your friends. Buy yourself the Wine Rabbit and you’ll be set to open any bottle in 3 seconds flat!




Condoms/Lube: You can never be too prepared. If you don’t already have this, that is a problem. Enough said.

A lock on your door: If you’re living with roommates, make sure you have a lock on your door. Do you want them coming in when you are spending quality time with yourself? What about when you’re getting busy with your new girlfriend? You may not care if they see you naked walking to and from the shower, but you definitely will care when they interrupt that moment. You can install locks yourself, so be hands-on and nip a roommate issue in the bud!

A TV: If you want to throw football parties at your house, you have to have a TV that catches people’s attention. Living with roommates? Split the cost! Living on your own? Convince your parents that it will last you until after college and beyond. Make it big. Make it loud (Hello surround sound!). And you’ll make everyone watching their 19-inch dorm room TVs jealous.


Something Personal: Even though you probably aren’t into interior decorating, have something that shows off your personality. Into sports? Get some sports posters to hang on your empty walls. A fan of long summers on the beach? Maybe a picture frame or two with summer memories would be perfect on your desk. Proud of your university’s history? Flaunt it. Love the color green? Paint your room green (ask the landlord first)! Don’t be afraid to show off what you love, even if that means naked Playboy posters. Do something that means something to you.

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