5 Foolproof Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there’s no reason that you should spend it eating nothing but stale cereal and questionably old milk. Learn how to cook a few breakfast basics and you’ll be sure to impress your stomach, as well as your friends. And maybe you’ll even be able to convince that special someone to spend the day in bed with you.

The Omlette: for when you want to impress the in-laws

Omelettes are often left on the sidelines of breakfast, or lifted to the proverbial pedastool that is called brunch. They have been and will continue to be viewed as a difficult way to cook eggs. But this doesn’t have to be anymore. Jame Oliver goes through the steps to making the perfect omlette, and if you can make the perfect omelette, you can impress anyone.

Bacon and Eggs – for a long weekend when you want to be as lazy as possible

Nothing is easier to make than bacon and eggs. You cook the eggs and then the bacon, putting the two on a plate and garnish with toast.

Cinnamon Buns – for a Sunday brunch when you want to impress people

This gooey treat has been around for ages and is perfect on a Sunday afternoon when you really have nothing else better to do than spend the morning cooking.

The Best Fruit Salad – for when you’re trying to impress a new girl

You’re a month into a relationship and everything is going well; she doesn’t snore or hog the covers, but she’s just not that into breakfast. Try a fruit salad, paired with a coffee, it’s filling yet light enough so you can get back to what you actually want to be doing on a Saturday morning.

The “Real” Breakfast Sandwich – for when you’re craving fast food

Forget going to McDonalds for their gut-cruncing breakfast sandwiches. You’ll be better off in the long run, and there is nothing complicated when it comes to making your own.

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