Turner Field in Atlanta Stadium Scorecard

Parking around Turner is like playing Russian roulette, we were told. You can park on the street in front of the no parking signs and 15% of the time you’ll get that pesky ticket. We’d like to consider ourselves run and gun cowboys, but these cowboys are on a budget. We went for the $10.00 parking. The bar scene was non existent outside the parking lot. A few tailgaters scattered across the vast parking.

Outside Turner offers a taste of southern hospitality. From the outside it looks very warm and inviting, especially when its down pouring. We walked in from the outfield entrance and were welcomed in by a local drum line college band. + points from the get go.

Before the game the Braves cheerleaders shoot t-shirts into the crowd. It is fun for the kids and the girls are smokin’ hot.

The outfield courtyard is huge and very open. Room to walk around and stretch your legs in between innings. One end of the yard is a eye-catching Cartoon Network fun house for the kids and adjacent is the Smokehouse, featuring the stadium signature food.

The walkways in the stadium are wide and easy to move around in. The house was packed for the Tom Glavine number retirement ceremony, but we still managed to sneak down around 5 rows up from the field.

The ceremony was great, Tom had his number retired up in right field next to Maddux and his wife is really hot.

The Stadium is fun and inviting, the fans are in the same boat and food is out of this world. Turner Field’s seating is also ranks solid, the views from all around the stadium weren’t distant at all, and the Braves “Chop” chant is something everyone should experience once in their lives.

Turner Field Ratings

The rating system is based on a scale of 1 to 5 Bobby Cox heads. 1 Bobby Cox head is a lowest rating and 5 Bobby Cox head is the highest rating.

Hot Dog

Super Dog = $4.50


7th Inning Tradition

“Take Me Out To The Ballgame”


Signature Food

Smokehouse – $7.50

Note: The server was miserable and the food was cold. Could have been a 4.


16oz Beer Prices


Note: $3 = 5 heads, $4.50 = 4 heads, $6 = 3 heads, $7.50 = 2 heads, $9.50 = 1 head, $10 or greater = 0 heads


Bathroom Line at Bottom of the 4th Inning


Stadium Superfan

Walter Banks

Note: Walter is a VIP usher and has been working for the Braves since 1965.


Street T-shirts

Note: didn’t see any available.





Signature Player Chant

Braves Chop


Bleacher Fans



Pregame Bar



Stadium Aesthetics


Stadium Atmosphere



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