Playboy’s Jennifer Lynn Sheds Her Terrapin Shell for COED (PICS)


Jennifer Lynn represented The University of Maryland along with two other titillating Terps in Playboy’s Girls of the ACC pictorial that appeared in the October 2009 issue. She’s also in Playboy’s special January/February 2010 “College Girls” edition and was featured as’s Cyber Girl of the Week for the last week in December 2009. COED had the chance to ‘book with Jennifer and with every answer she proved why she’s on the fast track to superstardom. Did someone say, “Playmate of the Year 2012?” Yeah, I did. Read on to find out why.

COED: When did you first pose nude? Were you nervous?

JENNIFER: My first time was for Playboy’s Girls of the ACC audition. I almost let my nerves get the best of me the morning of, but my unbelievable sister gave me the push I needed. I was lucky enough to have worked with an amazing photographer who made the entire experience not only comfortable, but surprisingly natural. I never knew I could express such sexiness! ;o)

COED: What influenced you to pose for Playboy?

JENNIFER: Well for one, talk about an honor. But honestly, my Dad collected the magazines all my life and I’ve always been taught that a woman’s body is a wonderful thing and something to be proud of. So needless to say, when I saw that Playboy was coming to town and looking for some cute Terps, I jumped on the opportunity.

COED: What’s your favorite part of being a Playboy model?

JENNIFER: The credibility that comes with it. It’s definitely one of those things you dream of as a girl and then wake up to realize: “Holy hell, I can cross that off my Bucket List!”

COED: What was your reaction when your pictures were published?

JENNIFER: It was an indescribable feeling of accomplishment, confidence, and giddiness all at the same time. The thoughts of “Who’s going to judge me?” go out the window and for that moment, there’s nothing but sexiness surrounding you.

COED: How did your friends and family respond?

JENNIFER: While I’ve always been one to say “I do what I want,” the risk of losing respect from my friends and family weighed a lot on my decision to do it. With that said, I think my Mom bought out all of the magazine stands near her work. Now whether that was because she was proud, or because she didn’t want anyone within a five block radius seeing her little girl, I can’t say, but I have been fortunate enough to have extremely supportive friends and family.

COED: Your major in school was Economics. Do you believe you have the supply to meet every guy’s demand?

JENNIFER: Haha! Could have been my best pick up line! I have to say though, I do think that I’m a great mix of what every guy needs. I’m the active tomboy, always cleaning, ESPN-watching, baking queen & I have plenty of love to give. I guess the Playboy thing helps, too. ;o)

COED:You’re a die-hard Steelers fan. Who’s your favorite player?

JENNIFER: HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO! :o) While I love all my boys, I have to admit that Troy Palomalu is immortal in my eyes.

COED: Best moment of the Girls of ACC party back in September at Cornerstone Grill. Go!

JENNIFER: Had to be when my partner in crime and fellow Girl of the ACC Connie Du and I discovered the condom hat and the picture booth – a fabulous combination!

COED: When was your first kiss? Was it memorable?

JENNIFER: Oh wow. My first kiss was in fifth grade and he was my first “young love.” It was right outside of our hometown pool where we spent every summer day. Let’s just say, some things don’t happen twice…And he’s still a great friend of mine to this day.

COED: Cosmo reported that thongs are no longer en vogue – do you agree?

JENNIFER: That just seems silly. I do have to say that I’m the biggest fan of Brazilian cut, but I don’t mind a great thong either.

COED: What did you like most about College Park?

JENNIFER: How big and small it was at the same time. 35,000+ students and you’re bound to run into people you know at the local bars on any given night. Not too mention the spirit of the fans. There’s nothing like the traditions we have and seeing that town on the nights Maryland beats Duke. Who wouldn’t want to be a Terp?

COED: Where is the best place on campus to pick up fine women such as yourself?

JENNIFER: Head downtown. Doesn’t matter if it’s Happy Hour or a Saturday night – UMD is filled with gorgeous, confident ladies who know how to party. Hit the bars and so long as your skills are up to par, you’ll have no problem.

COED: What’s your favorite pick-up line?

Playboy’s Girls of the University of Maryland 2009 at Cornerstone Grill

JENNIFER: The cornier the better. Let’s face it: pick-up lines don’t work. It’s the ballsiness & sense of humor that we think is sexy. So if it makes me laugh, you’re golden.

COED: What type of guy are you into?

JENNIFER: I love athletes. I love the ambition athletes have. They have to be so self-driven and motivated to accomplish a goal that they have set for themselves. Now that is sexy.

COED: Describe your favorite outfit… slowly…

JENNIFER: My favorite outfit is my little BROWN dress. It has the Marilyn Monroe thing going with the tight top and flowy skirt. The low-cut back & barely there front don’t leave room for a fitted bra. I think that’s why I like it so much. It’s so free-spirited & doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but is still so comfortable.

COED: Heels or flats?

JENNIFER: Heels all the way. Blame it on my height or my adoration of my calves, but putting on heels makes my sex appeal jump. It’s a mindset.

COED: What’s your favorite bra and why?

JENNIFER: My favorite bra is my push-up black lace. Whenever I’m having an off day, I throw that on for a quick pick-me-up. It’s actually the one I wore for the Girls of the ACC audition, so I guess it’s my good luck charm, too. ;o)

COED: Which fraternity throws the best parties? What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?

JENNIFER: Well, I may be in some trouble if I don’t give this one to my ZBT boys. While Greek life can be an awesome opportunity at a lot of schools, only certain frats & sororities at UMD are cool enough to put up with their drama. Best party was definitely not Greek-involved, but thrown by the Baseball team – UMD athletes are so much fun to party with. Maybe that’s just my bias kicking in though. ;o)

COED: What’s your dream job?

JENNIFER: My dream job would probably be the executive of a successful marketing firm. I’m one who likes to call the shots, but truly believes that I can lead others effectively. No matter what though, I have no doubt that I will someday, someway see my name in lights. Just you wait. ;o)

COED: Could you provide us with a sneak peek of your ultimate fantasy?

Jennifer busts out at Playboy’s Girls of the ACC party in College Park, MD

JENNIFER: My ultimate fantasy is the deserted island. I am a tropical fanatic! Something about palm trees, sun, sand, waves, & endless drinks gets me in the mood. Add in the delicious guy in board shorts & don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for awhile.

COED: What’s a little known fact about yourself that almost no one knows?

JENNIFER: My undergarments HAVE to match the rest of my outfit. Basically, there’s never a time that my bra and undies don’t match my belt and shoes.

COED: What was your favorite class at U of M?

JENNIFER: Game Theory. It’s a class that explains the foundation of John Nash’s theory of economics which was what got me interested in my major in the first place. It’s the fabulous idea of understanding peoples’ decisions based off the equilibrium of the entire situation. Hard stuff. Can’t say it was my best class, but definitely my favorite!

COED: What is your favorite drinking game?

JENNIFER: ***hole. It’s a perfect mix of strategy, cards, & getting sh*tty. Plus, I enjoy being President & having an ***hole cater to my every desire – even if it is just for a quick round. ;o)

COED: You were a swimmer growing up. Do you still swim? How’s your breast stroke?

Not afraid to use the tongue.

JENNIFER: I was a MAJOR swimmer growing up – 5 AM practices, 7 days a week definitely gave me my work ethic. I actually swam in the Junior Olympics at age 12. I competed for the club team at UMD, but now just swim in my free time. And my breaststroke was my specialty back in the day, but I guess some things never change! ;o)

COED: What are your plans for the future?

JENNIFER: All in all, I just want to learn what makes me happy & what I really want out of life. I’m open to anything, but mostly I want to travel & really get my career kick started. Of course, I’ll want to eventually settle down with my man & have a family, but I strongly believe in self-fulfillment. Past that, I’ll leave it up to fate. :o) [As Helen Keller said,] “To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.”

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