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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World FTW!


We didn’t get to attend Comic-con, but we still heard all the buzz about Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World here in NYC. Earlier this week COED was lucky enough to attend a screening of Scott Pilgrim, however, and we must admit that the buzz isn’t just hype: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is pure pop-culture cinematic bliss.

From the first scene, Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) displays a total dedication to the original work and creates the most mind-bending film portrayal of a graphic novel ever seen, with the only possible exception being Sin City (2005). suffice to say, the world that Scott (Michael Cera) inhabits conforms not to the laws of physics but to the laws of video games and comic-books. Serious film critics who have never picked up a controller may find this hard to swallow, but that isn’t to say that only gamers and fanboys will enjoy Scott Pilgrim. It is a cinematic wonder to behold, with fresh surprises and novel effects in nearly every scene. It is, in fact, not like any other film you have ever seen.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a psychedelic comic book video game roller coaster romance for dudes of our generation who grew up defeating video game villains to save video game princesses. And lets not forget the princess: Ramona, Scott’s love interest, is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (#92 on Maxim’s Hot list 2007, #88 on FHM’s list ’09), who we couldnt help but notice is more than worthy of battling The League of Evil Exes for. Here too we have to give Michael Cera some serious props: he reportedly trained every day for 2 hours with a martial arts instructor for the numerous Mortal Kombat-like fight sequences, and he does look pretty badass. Don’t believe it? We don’t blame you. We are well aware of how weird it is to say “Michael Cera” and “badass” in the same sentence without “is anything but a” in between, but seriously, the guy picked up some impressive moves reminiscent of Chuck Norris (and we’re not just talking about the hair).

The other inhabitants of Scott’s bizarre comic book video game acid trip world are a strange and varied bunch of twenty-somethings that each provide their own distinct flair for the absurd and the comedic. From his puckish gay room-mate (Kieran Culkin), to his 17 year old platonic “girlfriend” played by painfully cute newbie Ellen Wong and the other members of his garage band “Sex Bob-omb”, there is no shortage of peculiarities and quirkyness.

Other notable appearances include Brie Larson as his bitchy ex-girlfriend turned sultry mega-bitch rock-star who gives a devastating musical performance that left us thinking “damn, I really need to get this soundtrack,” and Anna Kendrick (Up in The Air, Twilight) as Scott’s sexy little sister, Stacey. Oh, and did we mention Jason Schwartzman is the evil boss character Gideon? Yes, and he is perfect. Gideon sports a disquietingly fiendish grin that more than hints at ulterior motives despite pledges of warmth, and the final showdown is truly epic.

Scott’s world is crazy, beautiful, and filled with haunting melodies as well as side-splitting hilarity. It shouldn’t be missed by anyone and is worth springing the extra cash to see in theatre. So mark your calendars for August 13th people, and join Scott Pilgrim in his fight to save the world! Or at least to get a date with a Maxim hottie. Now we can all relate to that can’t we?

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