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The Girls of Sturgis: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


Kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy, because it’s time for Sturgis 2010! This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the world’s most massive motorcycle meet-up and if its anything like years past, it’s certain to get wicked, wild and crazy. So to get you up to speed on this wild hog-fest, we’ve compiled The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ladies of Sturgis.

The Good are the types of girls you all know and love here at COED – hot, sexy and wearing very little clothing. The Bad are the misbehaving biker babes that could drink you under the table, kick your ass with their pinky finger, and look smokin’ hot doing it. And The Ugly are just as naked as the first two, but so horribly revolting we couldn’t help but include them, just for their shock value. So tell us, which are your favorite kind of gals?


The Good

Sexy Sturgis Girls-1Sexy Sturgis Girls-2Sexy Sturgis Girls-3Sexy Sturgis Girls-5

Sexy Sturgis Girls-7Sexy Sturgis Girls-9Sexy Sturgis Girls-11Sexy Sturgis Girls-13

Sexy Sturgis Girls-14Sexy Sturgis Girls-15Sexy Sturgis Girls-17Sexy Sturgis Girls-19

Sexy Sturgis Girls-20Sexy Sturgis Girls-21Sexy Sturgis Girls-23Sexy Sturgis Girls-24

Sexy Sturgis Girls-25Sexy Sturgis Girls-26Sexy Sturgis Girls-28Sexy Sturgis Girls-29

Sexy Sturgis Girls-32Sexy Sturgis Girls-33Sexy Sturgis Girls-34Sexy Sturgis Girls-35

Sexy Sturgis Girls-36Sexy Sturgis Girls-100-1Sexy Sturgis Girls-101-2Sexy Sturgis Girls-102-3

Sexy Sturgis Girls-104-5Sexy Sturgis Girls-105-6Sexy Sturgis Girls-106-7Sexy Sturgis Girls-107-8

Sexy Sturgis Girls-109-10Sexy Sturgis Girls-110-11Sexy Sturgis Girls-112-13Sexy Sturgis Girls-113-14

Sexy Sturgis Girls-118-19Sexy Sturgis Girls-119-20Sexy Sturgis Girls-116-17Sexy Sturgis Girls-117-18


The Bad

Sexy Sturgis Girls-1-1Sexy Sturgis Girls-2-12Sexy Sturgis Girls-3-23Sexy Sturgis Girls-4-34

Sexy Sturgis Girls-5-43Sexy Sturgis Girls-6-44Sexy Sturgis Girls-7-45Sexy Sturgis Girls-8-46

Sexy Sturgis Girls-9-47Sexy Sturgis Girls-10-2Sexy Sturgis Girls-11-3Sexy Sturgis Girls-12-4

Sexy Sturgis Girls-13-5Sexy Sturgis Girls-14-6Sexy Sturgis Girls-15-7Sexy Sturgis Girls-16-8

Sexy Sturgis Girls-17-9Sexy Sturgis Girls-18-10Sexy Sturgis Girls-19-11Sexy Sturgis Girls-20-13

Sexy Sturgis Girls-21-14Sexy Sturgis Girls-22-15Sexy Sturgis Girls-23-16Sexy Sturgis Girls-24-17

Sexy Sturgis Girls-25-18Sexy Sturgis Girls-26-19Sexy Sturgis Girls-27-20Sexy Sturgis Girls-28-21

Sexy Sturgis Girls-29-22Sexy Sturgis Girls-30-24Sexy Sturgis Girls-31-25Sexy Sturgis Girls-32-26

Sexy Sturgis Girls-33-27Sexy Sturgis Girls-34-28Sexy Sturgis Girls-35-29Sexy Sturgis Girls-36-30

Sexy Sturgis Girls-37-31Sexy Sturgis Girls-38-32Sexy Sturgis Girls-39-33Sexy Sturgis Girls-40-35


The Ugly








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