10 Manliest Apartment Decorations

Every guy needs a kickin’ pad.  We’ve been over how to make your apartment look more grown-up — and now, onto the manly tweaks.  COED found these ten items to impress not only your bros, but your prospective mattress partners as well.
1.  Pool tables, albeit expensive, are the ultimate party symbol.  As you are the ultimate bro, this fits.
2.  Add a stocked minibar and (matching, yet manly) glasses somewhere nearby to perpetuate your winnings as your guests get drunk and scratch.
3.  No space is complete without a dart board; hustlin’, hustlin’…
4.  To conclude the manspace game trio, add a poker table with plastic cards (Beer spills?  No problem.) and chips.  Poker AND potato.
5.  How about a little music?  If you’re so inclined, an instrument on a stand (guitar, piano, kazoo, etc.) shows off your musical prowess and provides a nice accent piece.
6.  Antique weapons are not only deadly, but classy!  If you’ve got an heirloom sword or pistol, show it off.
7.  Get yourself a nice shaving set for the bathroom.  High-tech and cordless or classic barbershop set, no man is complete without a fine pair of whisker trimmers.
8.  You know now to frame your wall art; try a twist of mounting your favorite album covers on a wooden backing for that pop-out effect, but please, leave Hannah Montana to dwell in shame at the bottom of your closet.  If you have good taste, this is an original and eye-catching way to display it.
9.  Got a fireplace?  Sweet.  Clear out the empty beer cans and add a set of cast-iron pokers so you can actually use it.  Man make fire.  Man get girl.  Mm.
10.  Last, but certainly not least, every hard-working man needs a leather recliner.  Put your feet up, bro; you deserve it.

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