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Setting Sex Boundaries with Your Roommates


College hook-ups are inevitable. They are bound to happen from time to time, weekend to weekend, and since college debauchery usually happens at the spur of the moment, the time and place is not always going to be ideal or convenient.

Unless you live alone, chances are roommates are going to pop up at the least desired of times. Guys, this is where locking your door comes in handy – especially if you live in a house with other people. You may have your own room, but if you don’t lock the door behind you, that girl on your bed is not going to take very kindly to your housemate walking in looking for a DVD to watch or a stupid question to ask. It is simple, but it can save you and your sexy time a lot of stress from unwelcomed visitors barging in.

If you do share a room though, figure out some kind of system with your roommate. Putting a tie on the outside of a door usually signals “Hey, I’m getting lucky,” so maybe that will be subtle enough. If it’s not – perhaps you will need to spell it out: post-its and writing on a white board tend to work well too. If your roommate doesn’t get the message that you’re busy after reading a hot pink post-it that says “SEX!” on it, well then … you have a problem. Be blunt and spell it out because if you don’t, your roommate could ruin everything for you. Do you really want your roommate cramping your sex life?

Maybe your roommate gets it, but doesn’t want you to score in the room you two share. Well, then you can either get a new roommate, get a place on your own, or accept it. However, this will put you in the position to rely on the girl to take you back to her place or getting creative on campus. But then again, nothing is wrong with getting adventurous around campus. Why not head to an open classroom? Who is in there at 1 in the morning on a Saturday anyways? Use it – consider your tuition money well spent.

Perhaps you don’t care if your roommate walks in or your hall mates are knocking on the door, but chances are the girl you are with is going to mind – even if it’s just a little bit. So, have some consideration.

After all, you don’t leave the door open or unlocked when you’re spending quality time with yourself, right?

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