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Remembering Megan Fox Boycott Day



Main drawback of blogging: over-saturation. Exhibit’s A, 2, and D would be an internet wide boycott of A-list dime piece Megan Fox. A batch of male-oriented websites decided that August 4, 2009 would get its Pearl Harbor on and live in infamy as “Megan Fox Boycott Day”. The intent was good–as fine as she is, Megan seems to get entirely too much ink at times. So on the surface, the boycott was warranted. But we believe in free will and all that jazz here at COED and decided to blaze the trail. A BOYCOTT of the Megan Fox Boycott. So today we celebrate that historic day and also point out that we’re still waiting on that sympathy make-out her PR people promised us for mounting the anti-boycott stand.

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