Listen Up: Matchstik

Rappers often tell first-person stories based on what they, or those around them, have experienced.  Typically the case, and as any gangsta rap connoisseur would know, the tales involve violence, drugs, respect and once in a while… redemption.  Allen Forest has witnessed much of the aforementioned life struggles, plus the attempted suicide of his father (who would later walk out on the family), but he’s no gangsta.  Well, not any more. Prior to spending two years in college and four in Naval service, he was also quite the skilled dope-courier.  These event just scratch the surface, but basically, his life took a 360 positive turnaround and music – a catchy flavor no less – would be his calling and a new moniker applied.  This is Matchstik.

He’s currently preparing a debut full-length album, The Concept, but in the meantime check out tracks like Bubble Bootie and Surina’s Song.

For a more info on his background and style, here is the video interview with Billboard:

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