Coors Field in Colorado Stadium Scorecard

Parking at Coors should never be a problem. Its located downtown, but come game time there are plenty of spots. We parked in front of our first pregame location, the brand new Blake Street Tavern.

The bar is huge and offers a ton of amenities, most of them being the attractive bartenders, but the drinks and food are more than generously priced given the modern aesthetic and size of the place. Most new bars within 3 blocks of a stadium will have prices doubling this bar.

Breckenridge Brewery is across the street from Coors and is a frequent Rockies fan pub, pre/post game. The bar is no longer a brew-pub but still offers its full line of beers which are brewed across town. The food is your basic American variety, but smells and tastes great. Fun atmosphere with a ski lodge theme. The king of the hill of the three bars is Sports Column. This bar has it all; tradition, packed pre/post game, free popcorn and its just plain big. Two huge separate rooms, have similar but distinguishable characteristics but are equally as fan friendly. One story up is the roof deck. On a nice summer night this place could get awesome.

Disclaimer: Steve and John can not be held responsible for being bias for experiencing a once in a lifetime viewing of such a tremendous game. Yes, the Carlos Gonzalez walk-off-home run-cycle game. First off, watching a Rockies/ Cubs game in itself is a treat. Denver has a huge native Chicago population, so when the Cubbies come into town, things get hectic.

Coors field, architecturally, was built in the image of Camden Yards. The field was designed by HOK Sports Group Facility, which were responsible for building Oriole Park and Jacobs Field and all have been honored by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for outstanding urban design and architecture. What distinguishes Coors from the others is the combination of its urban surroundings and Rocky Mountain Landscape what seem like only a Helton homer away.

The Rock pile, a $4.00 value section above center field, is another unique ballpark trait. The view cannot be beat for the price. The Warning Track is a great spot to watch the game if you have money to burn with the right connects. Its literally made up of seats behind the right field warning track. After a quick loop, our twitter following mentioned the Helton Burger was the signature food, followed by the Rocky Mountain Oysters. We passed on the Oysters, contrary to a few fans raving about them. Just Google it. All in all Coors is worth checking out if you’re in town when the Rockies are playing. Coors rocks.

Coors Field Ratings

The rating system is based on a scale of 1 to 5 Jim Tracy heads. 1 Jim Tracy head is a lowest rating and 5 Jim Tracy head is the highest rating.

Hot Dog


Note: it’s called the “Rock Dog”.


7th Inning Tradition

“Take Me Out To The Ballgame


Signature Food

Helton Burger – $7 for the burger, $12 combo


16oz Beer Prices


Note: $3 = 5 heads, $4.50 = 4 heads, $6 = 3 heads, $7.50 = 2 heads, $9.50 = 1 head, $10 or greater = 0 heads


Bathroom Line at Bottom of the 4th Inning


Stadium Superfan



Street T-shirts

Note: didn’t see any available.





Signature Player Chant



Bleacher Fans


Pregame Bar

Blake Street Bar


Sports Column

Note: Downtown Tavern is the best rooftop bar we’ve ever been to and it’s definitely worth a look after games.


Stadium Aesthetics


Stadium Atmosphere

Note: we have to be somewhat bias given the circumstances of the game.



Note: The stadium was packed up until the last out


• We spotted 26 potential Miss COEDs
• Most popular player jersey was Helton
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