7 Podcasts Every Guy Should Listen To

The number and variety of podcasts available on the internet is growing rapidly. They are starting to take the place of radio, TV, news, etc.  — and most of those outlets are also in podcast form. If you have a favorite movie, game, website, show, there is probably a podcast for it, about it, or by it. But it can be a lot to wade through on your own. That’s why we’ve compiled a shortlist of ones that every guy needs to start listening to now.

Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier

1. SModcast – Kevin Smith (Aka Silent Bob), the creator of movies like Clerks, and the director of the 2010 film Cop Out, and Scott Mosier, a producer of many films, host this podcast that has no real focus. They sometimes start from headlines, or just talk about stuff in their lives, and then branch off into just about any direction imaginable. This is podcast is by far the dirtiest I have ever heard (other then maybe Joe Rogan’s podcast) but is also one of the funniest. The things they generally end up talking about range from hilariously stupid to thought provoking. I will say that if you are feint of heart (you’re not, right?) then tread softly here, but if not, then I can almost guarantee you will enjoy this podcast.
Suggested Episode – SModcast 100 – The Yardstick.
New Episodes – Mondays

Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose

2. Diggnation – Kevin Rose, the co-founder of the social news site Digg.com, and Alex Albrecht host this show centered around the hottest news items that show up on Digg each week. Diggnation is much more news oriented then SModcast, but there are less outcroppings from those headlines. Kevin and Alex also drink (sometimes heavily) while hosting, and comment on their often very rare, eccentric, or just odd beers and liquors. This podcast is a great way to keep up on big news items if you don’t want to watch the news in a boring old format. The two people behind (sometimes) the camera, Glenn McElhose (aka Hippy Glenn) and David Prager are also integral parts of this podcast, and the four have very strange and often hilarious discussions about the big news of the week.
Suggested Episode – Episode 243 – 40 oz. to Freedom (Drunkest one I have ever seen); Episode 236 – The 5th Annual Diggnation Holiday Clip Show.
New Episodes – Wednesdays

Science and assorted phenomenon

3. Science… Sort of – Much more “educational” then the rest of the podcasts on this list, listening to Science… Sort of, hosted by various sciencey types, will actually teach you about science and things that are kind of science. Their topics range from crazy space news and real science, to hunting for Bigfoot and his related kin. If you don’t care about science at all, you will likely still enjoy this podcast because of the range of science to sort of science to things that “wish they were science.” The things that wish they were science are much more entertaining either in how stupid they are, or how interesting they are.
Suggested Episode – Episode 27 – Monsters Among Us.
New Episodes – Mondays

Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Yound

4. NSFW – Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young host this live podcast that generally entails some kind of a game or contest. As the name suggests, they do push the limits, and the show is definitely nsfw. Some games that are of note they have played are: Am I Racist, Blitz Quiz, and Name that Autocomplete. This one has no news value whatsoever, but the entertainment value is way through the roof. And better yet, you can take part! NSFW is live every Tuesday night at 6 pm PST at twit.live.tv. The chatroom takes part in just about every game or contest, and is often looked to for ideas, lines of witty banter, or simply the answers to stupid questions.
Suggested Episode – NSFW 3: YouBooze.
New Episodes – Live Tuesdays at 6pm PST; Posted Thursdays.

Molly Wood, Rafe Needleman, and assorted tech experts

5. Buzz Out Loud – Technology moves fast, and all the news is too much to wade through. Buzz Out Loud is a tech news podcast that takes all the top tech news each day and covers it in an entertaining manner. Probably the most news oriented podcast on the list, but it’s very important, need to know news. This is where I get a lot of my information, or at least basis for my information on technology. One thing I have found very interesting about Buzz Out Loud is how the hosts can be so subjective at times and so objective at times as well. When they are passionate about a particular subject, you will know it, but they barely every let it obstruct the news.
Suggested Episodes – Any.
New Episodes – Mon thru Fri.

Brian Leahy, Garnett Lee, and Jeff Cannata

6. Weekend Confirmed – Brian Leahy, Garnett Lee, and Jeff Cannata host this podcast all about games and the world of gaming. It’s a long one, but that just means they cover so much more. They generally talk about what they have been playing, which ranges from brand new games, to pre-release review copies of stuff, game betas, and even classic games that they are revisiting. Cheap games, game rumors, and gaming stupidity abound in this show that is very news oriented but does not lack entertainment value. This podcast will both save you money on games you should not buy, but also help you discover the hidden gems you would never have noticed.
Suggested Episode – Ep. 06.
New Episodes – Fridays at 1pm PST

Owen JJ Stone Aka OhDoctah and Khayyam Wakil

7.  Ask OhDoctah – Owen JJ Stone Aka OhDoctah and Khayyam Wakil host this weekly podcast where they take questions live. They answer just about any question ranging from networking solutions to relationship advice to male grooming techniques and stupidities. It can be a good place to get your questions answered, or just an entertaining place to hang out and listen to other people’s stupid problems.  The “Patients Lounge” is open every Wednesday night at 7 pm PST.
Suggested Episode – Live Q&A Wednesday 2: Sex Addiction.
New Episodes – Live Wed at 7pm PST; Posted Thur.

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