The 5 Sexiest Sitcom Stars

Some of the hottest women in Hollywood began their journey to stardom in television sitcoms. And let’s just say they were lighting up the screen in more ways than one. As they hurdled through the usual triathlon of typical television dilemmas; such as dating, jobs, parents, and kids, they became the iconic females who graced our TV guides. These women are smokin’ hot proof that a goofy television show can look even better than Avatar.

Jennifer Aniston – Of course Friends wasn’t for everyone, but Aniston gave guys around the globe something they can all agree about for once. Using the incredibly popular prime time TV show as a springboard for her launch onto the silver screen, she’s certainly come a long way from her days as the sexy Rachel Greene.

Mila Kunis – Sure, her voice was as grating as nails on a chalkboard as she whined and yelled at nearly every other character in That 70’s Show, but the young starlet has become an absolute bombshell over the years. Still not convinced? You must have been living in a Siberian cave when Forgetting Sarah Marshall came out in 2008.

Sarah Chalke – Her quirky, crazy character on Scrubs is nearly unforgettable, as were the numerous risqué scenes she popped into while J.D. was zoning off into one of his many fantasies. We’re sure after seeing these steamy pictures you’ll be wishing Elliot Reid was your doctor too. Oh, and please don’t ruin it by bringing up her 70 episode stint on Roseanne.

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen – Go Bayside! This sexy star has appeared on everything from Saved by the Bell to Just Shoot Me, and turned into quite the head turner over the years. Whether it’s The Ladies Man or Beverly Hills 90210, nearly everyone has fond memories of her from something.

Leah Remini – Co-starring with the hilarious Kevin James for nine years on The King of Queens turned Remini into a household name among regular TV followers. Her commanding, sexy attitude combined with these pictures will convince even the most stubborn of her greatness.

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