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Mr. Marisa Miller, Griffin Guess: King of All Douchebags (PICS)


It’s one thing to douche outrageously. But when you do it married to Marisa Miller,  consensus sexiest woman alive, you need fall on a sword or go play in traffic. So, needless to say, you’re on alert, Griffin Guess, better known as Mr. Marissa Miller. Then again, it’s completely natural to hate on a guy when your wife looks like this. While his professional accolades are redeeming, it’s occurrences like these that send douche-o-meter’s into red territory. So slow your bro-ll, Griffin. Fade to black, don’t wear jackets that Barney the dinosaurs street gang wore in their rendition of “West Side Story” and don’t be that guy.

COED Writer
I've given in to the trend. Most bloggers bug me so I'll try my hardest not to be that guy. I'm a journalism grad without an audience. But that won't stop me from putting words next to words and making those oft taken for granted wonders known as SENTENCES. I love my sports, I dig hot jams and I just want to make chicks cry with my words. The Missouri Journalism school is who you'll have to blame if take some umbrage with my musings. Go to their site. Ask for a refund. Then send 50 percent of it to me. They owe me a chunk of change.