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Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati Stadium Scorecard


We were welcomed into Cincinnati with a nice riverfront breeze. Game time was 12:35pm which is pretty early for a weekday game. Visiting the surrounding bars before hand would’ve been pointless given the circumstances, so we opted for an after game happy hour scene. When we arrived we couldn’t quite figure out what to make of The Great American Ballpark. Not sure the architects did either.

GABP is definitely a stadium for history buffs, that’s the best and worst part of it. The stadium is a conglomerate of brick, white steal, neon signs and art deco wall art. Don’t get me wrong, it’s something cool to look at, but it doesn’t flow the way a modern stadium should. The Hall of Fame is really the bread and butter of the stadium. Every 10 feet we couldn’t help but marvel at what a good job The Reds organization did to put this together. After a quick lap around great white, we headed in.

Inside the stadium was quite impressive. The Historical Murals on the walls and concessions named after old players show the level of pride the city takes in their baseball culture. Starring out into the outfield, we couldn’t help but notice the attempt at creating a riverboat theme. It’s like getting a really expensive, thoughtful gift, you just have no desire for. “Aw thanks so much, you shouldn’t have.” You really shouldn’t have. The smoke stacks alone, which actually smoke after a Reds home run, would’ve been a great symbol for the riverboats which once frequented the Ohio River. The Sun/Moon Deck in right is a cool feature and probably the best place to watch a ball game in the whole park. The “notch” on the 3rd baseline is essentially a gap in the ballpark to marvel at Cincinnati’s skyline, except the skyline in Cincinnati isn’t that interesting. The “notch” creates a tear in the stadiums atmosphere that interferes with the crowds vibe, and a total wave killer. Totally not gnarly. As the Game went on a decent crowd showed up to the game and the fans were really into it. The food was one of our favorite parts of GABP and was the most reasonably priced of any stadium to date.

We we’re a little upset that we didn’t get to see Joey Votto play and even more upset that we saw yet another blow out game that was over by the 3rd inning.

Great American Ball Park Ratings

The rating system is based on a scale of 1 to 5 Dusty Baker heads. 1 Dusty Baker head is a lowest rating and 5 Dusty Baker head is the highest rating.

Hot Dog


7th Inning Tradition

“Take Me Out To The Ball Game”


Signature Food

Skyline Chili Cheese Coney


16oz Beer Prices


Note: $3 = 5 heads, $4.50 = 4 heads, $6 = 3 heads, $7.50 = 2 heads, $9.50 = 1 head, $10 or greater = 0 heads


Bathroom Line at Bottom of the 4th Inning

Note: No line.


Stadium Superfan



Street T-shirts

Note: Didn’t see any for sale but saw a few hilarious ones at In Between.





Signature Player Chant



Bleacher Fans


Pregame Bar

The In Between Bar

Note: The only bar worth checking out by the stadium if it’s even worth checking out.

O’Mally’s in the Alley


Note: Arnold’s is the oldest saloon in Cincy and is considered a stadium bar. The food is great but it is extremely far away.


Stadium Aesthetics


Stadium Atmosphere

Note: Inside was cool but outside the stadium was dead.




• We spotted 17 potential Miss COED’s
• Most popular player jersey was Votta
• Home Run Counter: Adam Dunn (July 22 – Great American Ball Park), Roger Bernadina (July 22 – Great American Ball Park), Matt Holliday (July 21 – Busch Stadium), Ryan Howard (July 21 – Busch Stadium), A Ramirez (July 19 – Wrigley), T Colvin (July 19 – Wrigley), J Castro (July 19 – Wrigley), C Johnson (July 19 – Wrigley, Yunel Escobar (July 18 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards), Robinson Cano (July 16th at Yankee Stadium), Jorge Posada (July 16th at Yankee Stadium), Nick Swisher (July 16th at Yankee Stadium)
• First Pitch Counter: 5 – Strike, 1 – Balls : Edinson Volquez (July 22 – Great American Ball Park), Kevin Slowey (July 20 – Target Field), Carlos Silva (July 19 – Wrigley), Brian Matusz (Strike – July 18 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards), John Lackey (Strike – July 17th at Fenway Park), CC Sabathia (Strike – July 16th at Yankee Stadium)
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