5 Fruit Flavored Beers You Actually Want to Try

While most people might be turned off by a fruit inspired or flavored beer, there are actually some high quality brews deserving of a chance. Whether it’s orange, blueberry, cherry, or peach, some of the greatest minds in brewing have found ways to make fruit in beer an acceptable concept. Keep an open mind as just because these might contain a smattering of sweet flavors, doesn’t mean they’re girly at all.
1. Founders Cerise – This summer seasonal from the brilliant people at Michigan’s Founders Brewing Company weighs in at 6.5% alcohol paired with a fascinatingly ruby color, fruit scents, and a tart flavor. There are plenty of cherry and berry flavors swirling around in this one, but they managed to prevent this from turning into a fruit cocktail, which keeps craft beer fans around the country pleased.
2. Dogfish Head Festina Peche – Inspired by the traditional German Berliner Weisse style, Dogfish Head delivers a distinct, yet delicious summer release brewed with peach concentrate. While this isn’t always the most popular brewing style, Festina Peche is tart, refreshing, and smacks of peach and apples; ideal for a warm afternoon.
3. Blue Point Blueberry Ale – New York’s Blue Point Brewing Company crafted a well-balanced, satisfying blueberry ale, with the capability of appealing to nearly everyone who tastes it. While similarly styled beers tend to go way overboard with the fruit, this one finds the elusive spot of just enough flavor, without downplaying it too much.
4. Wells Banana Bread Beer – This one sounds like it could be an epic fail, but the British brewers at Wells and Young’s Limited created a fascinating beer with a sessionable 5.2% alcohol. Distinct banana flavors combine with a bitter hoppiness to form a truly unique, yet tasty bottle of scrumptious suds.
5. Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer – A year round creation from San Francisco, California’s 21st Amendment brewery designed in the wheat beer style with a punch of watermelon flavor. This West coast brewery is known for housing their interesting creations in cans, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is some fruity version of Busch Light. Craft beer in a can is here.

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