Examining the Drunken Athletes of New York City

When it comes to the largest city in the nation, there are certain expectations that come with properly representing it. New Yorkers not only want their athletes to be champions (like the Yankees who have won 27 World Series titles), but they want their players to be larger than the sport they play. With all the pressure that comes with those expectations, players can feel like they may need a little release from the trials that come with being a part of the New York City sporting landscape. So they leave their respective fields and get absolutely,insanely intoxicated as they party their days away in New York City.

Babe Ruth

The Big Bambino will forever be known as the original home run king with 714 over the span of his career. This guy also knew how to be the larger than life personality that comes with being the most feared slugger of his day. Unlike Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire, this guy did not use any performance enhancing drugs, but fueled his stay in baseball with whiskey, beer, and hot dogs. Long live the Babe!


Mickey Mantle

The Mick, like the Babe, is easily one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Few have played in as many all-star games (16), few have won as many World Series titles (7), and few have set as many World Series records either. Much like the Babe, he too fueled his career with alcohol rather than performance enhancing drugs. Sadly, when he continued to party like a rock star after his playing days were done, it took its toll. He eventually quit drinking and had a liver transplant, but it was too late.


Billy Martin

This guy was a championship player and manager and a champion drunk too. Often times when you saw Mickey Mantle drinking you saw Billy Martin, the team’s manager boozing it up right along with him. In managing the Bronx Zoo, as the Yankees were called back then, he somehow corralled a team of party animals enough to get them into championship form. The guy even died a hard partying Yankee; he was out celebrating getting hired by the Yankees for a sixth time when he got in a car accident and died.


Joba Chamberlain

Joba entered the New York sports world with a lot of expectations for that blazing fastball of his. After a not too successful stint at being a starting pitcher he seems to be settling in as the next best middle reliever that you’ve never heard of. A fall from grace before you’ve even achieved greatness can be enough to drive a man to drink.


Lesser Known Yanks

Though no longer a Yankee, Hideki Irabu partied like a champion. If he hadn’t been driving after he had been drinking, he might not have been caught. The 41-year old most recently played for the Kochi Fighting Dogs; yes, folks- the Fighting Dogs. I think I would be drinking too.

Jim Leyritz who played for the Yankees for most of his 11-year career wishes he was only busted for drunk driving back in late December. Instead he is facing felony DUI manslaughter charges after he killed the woman that he crashed into that night.


The Fans

At least the fans don’t expect anything out of the players that they are not willing to do themselves. In the past, there have been occasions where the fans made the news for being drunk and stupid as much as the players they idolize. For instance, one fan (Paul Robinson) got an experience he never counted on when he saw a game while visiting the Big Apple from the Left Coast (Kirkland, WA). One minute he is minding his own business, watching the game with his wife and son, the next there is a drunken guy tumbling down the stairs, hitting him and breaking his neck.


Eli Manning

Not all the drunks in NYC are baseball players. Young Eli Manning has made his face or at least a booze-induced contorted version of it infamous across the internet. When it was taken or even what the circumstances were I don’t know, but it is clear he’s completely trashed.

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