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How to Create The Ultimate Power Hour Playlist


Quarters, beer pong, boat races, and flip cup are all perfectly suitable methods of taking down beer, but they all pale in comparison to the guzzling glory that is The Power Hour. 60 minutes, 60 one-minute songs, 60 shots of beer- its elegance is awe-inspiring, and with the proper selection of tunes we guarantee your pre-game will never be the same; and with that in mind we offer you the following How to guide in creating your hour of power.

1.  Inspire your Drinking Minions.

The beginning of any drinking game can be tricky; get off on the wrong foot and you might lose valuable participants and their even more valuable peer pressure. This is why I recommend starting each power hour with a prelude anthem. It’s not part of the 60 songs, and drinking can be optional but it’s sure to put everyone in the mood.

A Bard’s Tale:
The Cocktail Bar Poem:
300 Call to Battle:

2.  Mix it up.

While I will not dispute the sheer magnificence of listening to 60 minutes of 80’s power ballads, after 45 minutes of “Here I go again”, you definitely will be “born to walk alone” after everyone leaves. You are trying to inspire the masses with your righteous musical taste so show them your diversity with rock, rap, pop, oldies, hell why not throw in some boy band music – even the most hardened jock will be unable to contain his fist bumping when “Bye Bye Bye” comes on.

3. Song Numbers: What Number is this Again?

Because who won’t be impressed by strategically placed numbered songs in your power hour.

Song 1: “Start Me Up” – The Rolling Songs
Song 2: “Song 2” – Blur
Song 7: “Seven Nation Army” – The White Stripes
Song 21: “21st Century Breakdown” – Green Day
Song 30: “Living on a Prayer” – Bon Jovi (Cause you’re halfway there)
Song 40: “40oz. to Freedom” – Sublime
Song 50: “Ayo Technology” – 50 Cent
Song 60: “Final Countdown” – Europe

4. Editing: Hit the Sweet Spot

“Africa” by Toto has just come on, and you’ve got a hoard of party-goers just itching to “Bless the rains”, the only problem is that the chorus doesn’t come in until 1:05, thus blue-balling the crap out of everyone’s ears. This is where we separate the booze Busch Leaguer’s, from the moonshine Marvels. Listen to each song you’re putting on the power hour and trim it up to ensure you’ve got the songs “sweet spot”. In iTunes, go to Song Info (command I), then go to Options – – the start and stop time of the song will be right there.

5. Taking it Seriously:

With so many drinks to take down in an hour, things can fall apart faster than you can say “Dude, you haven’t taken a shot since Tupac.” You want everyone participating, but being a dick about the rules is best left for frat initiation and the step-by-step on the back of a home pregnancy test (someone, and I’m not pointing fingers, had a few scares junior year). It’s much easier, and the same amount of alcohol, to chug a beer every 9 songs, so make this an option for the less die-hard. Also, I wouldn’t get too upset if most of the girls in your company wander off after song 20 – let them know you don’t mind with a casual “No pressure, we’re all just getting ready for a kick-ass night.” I guarantee your tolerance will pay off in the long run.

  • COED Writer