How to Smell Good in the Summer Heat

Yes it’s getting hot, muggy, and disgusting out — but that doesn’t mean you need to smell bad. In fact it means you need to smell good. Andy Warhol once stated that “Well-groomed people are the real beauties. It doesn’t matter what they’re wearing or how much their jewelry costs or how much their clothes cost or how perfect their makeup is: if they’re not clean, they’re not beautiful.” It’s true, you can be dressed to the nines but if you smell bad,  you’re instantly unattractive. We’ve put our nose to the test to find the right deodorant to help you smell great and get you the right attention you deserve.
Axe Dry Sharp Focus – I remember going through my grandparent’s toiletries that were neatly set out on the bathroom counter. It was so manly to have Old Spice aftershave, the bottle and the smell were comforting. It sounds weird now to say you’re comforted by the smell of your grandfather’s aftershave, but it was so distinguished. That smell is locked into new Axe Dry Sharp Focus, it’s the old, made new again.

DKNY Be Delicious Men
– Actually smells better as a deodorant than a scent. There’s about rolling on an apple scent under my arms as opposed to spraying it on my body that makes it manly. It’s definitely the most scent oriented deodorant of the four, but it holds its own in sweat protection, especially when you get that unexpected call from your boss.

Adidas Ice Dive
– The German sporting giant has transcended its brand into odor protection, and why not, it’s developed by athletes for athletes. Curiously masculine, Ice Dive has the scent to back up its hardware. It’s weird to think what ice would smell like (considering water is odorless), but Adidas has nailed it square on the head (if ice had a scent, this would be it). It’s strong enough for athletes and used by executives.

Mitchum Solid Men
– It always seems that Mitchum deodorant products (by Revlon) are always mentioned at the top of people’s list as their favorite deodorants. They’re known for their proven strength in fighting odor and sweat — rather than their original scent. This middle-aged brand has, and continues to be, trusted by millions. If you find yourself going through two undershirts a day, or sweating in November, then try switching to this trusted extra-strength brand.

Baseball Players Uncensored
Baseball Players Uncensored
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