5 Greatest Ghost Videos: Proof or Staged?

Humans have long had an paradoxical fondness and fear of ghosts. Ghosts were made even more popular in the 1980s when people started to bust them, and again in 2009 due to recent paranormal activity, but are these ectoplasmic enigmas actually real? Watch the following videos and draw your own conclusions.

1. Blockbuster Ghost

The Blockbuster video security camera captures something, (or someone) creepily creeping the cart. The video is rumored to have been taken from a store in Mexico.


2. Stonehenge Ghost

As if Stonehenge wasn’t straight up spooky enough, now we have Lilliputian ghosts running around the inner rings…and back inside the rocks?!


3. Crying Ghost

Ghosts have feelings, too. Sometimes it’s best to materialize and have a good cry.


4. Household Ghost

This ghost doesn’t appear, but it sure does make itself known. If only the homeowner had a ghost maid to clean up after it.


5. Princess Ghost

Sound like an idea for a Disney movie. The long dead toddler princess materializes.


The Lamest Ghost

Wow. How eerie that the ghost happens to be holding a video camera and moving when the cameraman moves.

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