Become A BBQ Grill Master

Men’s Journal asked Adam Perry Lang of top New York barbecue joint Daisy May’s to test-drive six new grills. He tells us what sizzles and what fizzles while offering Tip’s From The Pro all along the way. No, we won’t tell you what BBQ’s he said we’re best, but we will share with you Lang’s ever valuable BBQ tips.
Tip From The Pro #01: “When cooking over charchoal,” says Lang, “push the coals around to create different tempretaure zones: one with lots of coals, one with some, and one with none, so you have a safe zone.”
Tip From The Pro #02: “Clean the grill by brushing it down after each piece of meat. People like to talk about seasoning a grill by leaving the crud on, but that stuff just keeps the heat from getting through.”
Tip From The Pro #03: “Put a thin layer of canola oil on both the grilling surface and food before you start cooking. It burns off, but it prevents sticking and helps transfer heat to promote grilling and charring.”
Now go buy some meat!

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