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50 Fattest Players in Baseball History


Babe Ruth wasn’t just a home run hitter. He was an inspiration for all the fatties out there who embraced being overweight. He proved that just because you’re a little overweight doesn’t mean you can’t serve some purpose on a on a playing field or when you’re scarfing down a giant plate of nachoes. So quit hating on the overweight athletes who make more money than you and celebrate the 50 fattest players in baseball history.

  • COED Writer
    I've given in to the trend. Most bloggers bug me so I'll try my hardest not to be that guy. I'm a journalism grad without an audience. But that won't stop me from putting words next to words and making those oft taken for granted wonders known as SENTENCES. I love my sports, I dig hot jams and I just want to make chicks cry with my words. The Missouri Journalism school is who you'll have to blame if take some umbrage with my musings. Go to their site. Ask for a refund. Then send 50 percent of it to me. They owe me a chunk of change.