The 6 Greatest Athletes Over 40…Ever!

Brett Favre turned 40 at the start of the 2009-10 season but will he come back for the 2011 season? We will know in a few weeks when training camp starts up. He may be one of the greatest quaterbacks of all-time but can he match the successes that these guys had after turning the big 4-0.

1. Nolan Ryan

If you think Favre has a strong arm, you’ve never seen Ryan pitch. Ryan first came up with the Mets in 1966. He would retire in 1993, nearly 30 years later.

After turning 40, Ryan had four seasons with more than 200 IP, had an ERA over 3.72 just once, struck out more than 1,400 batters, and threw two no-hitters.


2. George Foreman

Foreman retired from boxing, a sport where you are paid to get hit – repeatedly, at an astounding 47-years-old.  Even after turning 40, Foreman was no slouch!  He fought to a 12-3 record over the seven years past “Middle Age” . . .and even today I’m not getting in the ring with that Granddaddy.


3. Roger Clemens

Clemens played for five years after turning 40-years-0ld. Over that time he won 61 games, struck out more than 750 batters, and had a Cy Young-caliber year for the Astros when he finished the season with a ridiculous 1.87 ERA.


4. Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe is considered by many to be the best athlete over 40 ever, putting up great numbers until he turned a remarkable 51 . . . but he played hockey, which gets no respect,  so he is only fourth on this list.

Still, you can’t knock a guy who scored nearly 300 goals after turning 40.


5. Warren Moon

The guy Favre will be compared to the most is Warren Moon, one of the few NFL players to make it past 40, playing for another five years.

Moon would be voted into the Pro Bowl at 41-years-old while passing for nearly 3,700 yards and 25 touchdowns.


6. Jerry Rice

Few NFL players make it past 35, much less 40. Rice played for four years after turning 40, amassing more than 1,200 receiving yards at 40-years-old and more than 850 yards at 41-years-old.  recently of Pro vs Joes he deeked the pants of of guys more than half his age.

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