Top 10 Pranks To Torture Your Friends


College will be back in session before you know it so what better way to get into the spirit than the top 10 practical jokes you can play on your buddies.  We’ve waded through the internet to bring you some truly inspirational moments of pranking. Some are classics, some you may have never heard of before, all are a slice of fried gold. Ahem anyway, without further ado.

10).  The Shaving Foam Hand

A classic to start off with, not complicated, no explanation is required, but requires skill to pull it off well.  This is one of those pranks you learn as a kid that you never get tired of.  It can also be turned into a game with your other buddies, much like a game of Jenga or buckaroo, you can see how much foam you can get on your buddies’ face without them waking up.  And if you’re thinking what’s the big deal about shaving foam there are plenty of other products on the market you can use, chili oil anyone?(Do not do the chili oil, it’s like mace!).

Pros: Knowing that you are more than willing to fu*k with him in his sleep, your friend may never have a decent nights sleep again.
Cons: This is a gateway prank which will lead to tea bagging, and while tea bagging is the biggest violation you could perform on a friend’s body, it’s just wrong, funny, but wrong!


9).  Dead Thing In The Cereal

Another classic, it’s great as a revenge prank.  Everyone has that really annoying friend that eats really loudly, every bite worse than the last, the box of Rice Krispies  never ending, Snap Crackle and motherfu*king Pop!  Now in the video below they apparently used a real dead bird, but fortunately with advances in technology fake dead animals can look pretty realistic these days, and at reasonable prices too.  Stick one of those bad boys in your friend’s cereal box and wait for the chump to pour himself a bowl, after all breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Pros: He may throw up.
Cons: You may throw up.


8). The Windows Start-Up

It’s the 21st century, and since everything these days involves a computer somewhere, it’s only fitting to have a prank involving one.  This little beauty requires the changing of the windows start up sounds to make them sound more like a scene from Die Hard,   hide in the nearest convenient dark place and wait for the magic.  This is a great way of judging how much of a man your friend is based on how much of a little bitch he acts like when the shows starts (make sure the volume is turned up all the way to 11).

Pros: Your friend may actually sh*t himself.
Cons: If you only know how to get to the porn on your computer, could you really be bothered reading the Wiki page to figure out how to change the sounds?


7). The Reverse Ikea

Your friend’s just come home from work, he’s beat after working late trying to get that report done for tomorrow’s deadline, the bags are heavy under his eyes, he goes straight to his bedroom, doesn’t even take his clothes off, all he wants to do is sleep, he collapses on to his bed and then BOOM!  The bed collapses, in your face sucka, IN YOUR FACE!  You’ve spent the day unscrewing his bed.  Need I say anymore?

Pros: Extra comedy can be got from seeing your friend’s face drop when you refuse to help him put the bed back together.
Cons: Only works on slot beds.  I don’t know what a screwdriver is.


6). Coke Bomb

I was too busy in science class drawing dicks on the diagrams of the female anatomy in my biology book(ah the glory days before Brazilians) to pay attention to my teacher, which is a damn shame because I would’ve learned this doozie a lot earlier than I did.  Coke and Mentos, that’s all it is, stick the Mentos in the coke, stick the coke in the fridge Bob’s your uncle!  Plus it’s a scientific experiment so I’m pretty sure you can get a grant from the Government for it.

Pros: Once it’s starts there’s no way to stop it.
Cons: Volatile elements may back fire on you.


5).  Mr. Pee-Pee Pants

Who figured this one out?  Who?!  Well whoever it was deserves a Nobel Prize, it’s just genius.  Setting your friend back 20 years and thousands of dollars in Psychiatrists’ bills earns this one a place on the top ten.  Now we all know how to do it, but I’m just gonna give a bit of advice from my experience’s using it –  always use mildly warm water, cold water just tends to wake them up, and if they start to get restless when you’re putting the hand in sing them a lullaby, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star seems to work.

Pros: Being able to call your friend a different urine related nickname everyday.
Cons: May piss on your copy of FHM if he is sleeping on the couch, choose your spots wisely.


4). Butter Side Up

This is so good I wish I thought of it.  Is your friend always coming home really late really drunk waking you up?  Or is your friend always getting up in the morning going to work making lots of noise while you’re trying to sleep of a hangover?  Well then this is the prank for you.  Wait until they’re out of the house and then get a tub of butter and cover the tiles or hardwood floor, wait for them to come home and fall on their hole!  Just don’t forget where you’ve spread it or the pranker will become the prankee.

Pros: After they fall, you can in and slide like a pro (preferably to the strains of Bob Segar’s ‘old time rock and roll’).
Cons: You may have to look after said victim if he falls and breaks his ass.


3). The Mystery Mouse

Oh technology, I love it so!  Destined to be a future classic this represents a different type of prank, if done correctly this can be a slow burner, a little in-joke between you and your pals at the expense of the victim.  We pretty much leave our computers on 24/7 these days so there is a huge window of opportunity for this one.  Get one of those Bluetooth of infrared computer mouses(you may need to prepare by installing the mouse on his computer), sneak into your friends room and hook it up to their computer while they have a snooze.  Then go back out of the room leaving a crack in the door, just enough to see his screen.  Give it a minute or two to make sure you’ve not startled him, then the fun begins.  You can pretty much do anything, turn iTunes on, the media player delete important work files anything!

Pros: If he doesn’t find out it can lead to days/weeks/months/years of psychological torture on your pal.
Cons: He becomes so paranoid he starts wearing a tinfoil hat.  No one wants to be friends with that guy.


2). The Wall

This one is really a group activity, but what’s better than a bit of male bonding while screwing over one of your other friends (I never liked Roy anyway).  While your friends is away on business, or back home seeing the folks, or on his honeymoon, sneak into his room and construct a plaster wall right in his doorway.  You may need to find someone who actually knows what he’s doing or this can end in disaster.  Bonus points awarded for wallpapering or hanging a picture on the wall(preferably a framed photo of you and your buddies actually constructing the wall).

Pros: Even at your funeral your buddies will be reminiscing over this prank.
Cons: if I wanted to put so much effort into something I’d get a job.


1). Antiquing

We started with a classic, and finish with a classic.  I love this one so much, it takes no thought whatsoever, and can be done on a whim, by yourself or with friends, it really is the perfect prank.  I’m sure everyone in the world knows what this – wait until your friend is asleep then cover his face in flour.  For me there are to different ways of doing this, there’s the shotgun style blast in the face or the slow pour of an entire bag, and if it’s you and your friends you can literally run an antique train on the victim.  Every guy should’ve pulled this one at least once, in fact go into any man’s kitchen and you’ll find a bag of flour for just such occasion (it’s sure a shit ain’t there for baking!).  I’m not gonna even bother giving this one pros and cons because it’s not necessary, it really is the daddy of all pranks.


And there you have it the top ten pranks to pull on your friends, but before I go a big thanks you to all those people who have taken the time out of their busy lives to pull these modern works art, you are the real heroes!

COED Writer
COED Writer