The 9 Dumbest Cops Caught on Tape

There are idiots amongst us. Most of the time, these idiots are unobtrusive and go unnoticed. But when the dummies are cops, they are armed and dangerous. Here are some of the stupidest cop moments in recent history.

9. School Presentation Shooting

Accidentally shooting yourself when you’re a cop: dumb. Shooting yourself during a school presentation: embarrassing. Shooting yourself and then continuing on with the presentation: AWESOME.


8. Cop Chasing Car

Cops are often involved in car chases. But normally, it’s not on foot. And normally, they are not chasing their own squad cars. And that’s why we put our cars into “park,” boys and girls.


7. Police Groping

You know it’ll be a good video when the cop’s face is blurred out but the suspect’s isn’t. I won’t ruin the surprise for you. Just watch and see.


6. Police Cusses Out 911 Caller

Someone has some issues, and he’s taking them out on a 911 caller. Looks like someone thinks he’s the language police. It’s not as funny as some, but it’s certainly jaw-dropping!


5. Gate Busting

For some added international flair, these Costa Rican cops challenge their American counterparts for stupidity.


4. Hit and Run

Watch this cop plow into some parked cars and then leave. Apparently she forgot about the dashboard camera?


3. Water Chase

These British cops encounter a big obstacle: a puddle.


2. Armed and Dangerous

This cop almost shoots her partner. Why did she even have her gun out? Who knows.


1. I Think We’re Dead

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a bad cop calling 911 to report that he thinks he might be dead. This guy confiscated marijuana and then used it himself with hilarious results.

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