Crazy Sex Could Be Hazardous to Your Health

As young, sexy singles (or not-so-singles), who doesn’t love a rousing bedroom session that gets the sweat running and the blood pumping at full speed? As I’m sure we all know, sex can easily fall into the routine category; kiss a little bit, feel eachother up, oral sex (if you’re lucky) and then it’s missionary, girl-on-top or the always faithful, doggy. And hey, those sessions can be fantastic, mind-blowing and all those other things, but aren’t there times when you want to break out of a rut and try something new and exciting?

Like, say that new position you read about requires her to stand on her head while you balances on one foot?

I’m here to tell you, these positions, while alluring in theory are not only an excessive amount of work (that isn’t always worth that coveted “O”), they can even be hazardous to your health…anyone ever heard of a sex injury (or as my friends and I call it, a sexjury)?

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