30 Stadiums In 30 Days Begins July 16th!

Summers are all about going on crazy, unforgettable adventures. That’s why John, a fellow COED editor, and myself decided to turn our love of baseball into a 30-day journey where we would attempt to see all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums in 30 days. Nokia must be crazier than both of us because they not only believed in our vision, but insisted that they come along for the ride. They’re generously providing us with Nokia Nuron smartphones that will help us as we rank and review the stadiums, meet other die-hard fans, navigate our way from city to city using Ovi Maps and take a detailed look into the state of America’s game. On July 16th we hit the road and start our journey at our first stop, the house that the “Core 4” built, Yankee Stadium. 30 days and 27 cities later we will finish our journey back in New York City at the Mets’ Citi Field. Although we can’t take everyone with us, we’re more than happy to invite you to follow our adventure whenever you have a moment to drop in on the action. On the 30 Stadiums In 30 Days website you’ll be able to see our reviews of each stadium and read stories from the road. On our Facebook page, we’ll upload photo albums and share videos. And on our Twitter we will give you up to the minute news from the road. Because when you’re driving across America, you have a lot of extra time to Tweet. There is a good chance we will be coming to a city near you so follow us on Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win tickets to a game in your hometown. I’ve included our schedule below so drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter and come join us for a game.

7/16/2010          Tampa Bay at NY Yankees 7:05 PM           Bronx, NY
7/17/2010          Texas at Boston 7:10 PM                               Boston, MA
7/18/2010          Toronto at Baltimore 1:35 PM                     Baltimore, MD
7/19/2010          Houston at Chicago Cubs 8:05 PM            Chicago, IL
7/20/2010          Cleveland at Minnesota 7:10 PM               Minneapolis, MN
7/21/2010           Philadelphia at St. Louis 7:15 PM               St. Louis, MO
7/22/2010           Washington at Cincinnati 12:35 PM         Cincinnati, OH
7/23/2010          San Diego at Pittsburgh 7:05 PM               Pittsburgh, PA
7/24/2010           Toronto at Detroit 7:05 PM                        Detroit, MI
7/25/2010           Tampa Bay at Cleveland 1:05 PM              Cleveland, OH
7/26/2010           Cincinnati at Milwaukee 7:10 PM             Milwaukee, WI
7/27/2010          Minnesota at Kansas City 7:10 PM             Kansas City, MO
7/28/2010          Seattle at Chicago Sox 7:10 PM                  Chicago, IL
7/29/2010          Oakland at Texas 7:05 PM                          Arlington, TX
7/30/2010          Milwaukee at Houston 7:05 PM                Houston, TX
7/31/2010          Chicago Cubs at Colorado 7:10 PM            Denver, CO
8/1/2010           LA Dodgers at San Francisco 1:05 PM       San Francisco, CA
8/2/2010           Kansas City at Oakland 7:05 PM                Oakland, CA
8/3/2010           Texas at Seattle 7:10 PM                               Seattle, WA
8/4/2010           Philadelphia at Florida 7:10 PM                 Miami, FL
8/5/2010           Minnesota at Tampa Bay 12:10 PM           Tampa Bay, FL
8/6/2010           San Francisco at Atlanta 7:35 PM              Atlanta, GA
8/7/2010            San Diego at Arizona 5:10 PM                    Phoenix, AZ
8/8/2010            Washington at LA Dodgers 1:10 PM         Los Angeles, CA
8/9/2010            Kansas City at LA Angels 7:05 PM             Anehiem, CA
8/10/2010          Pittsburgh at San Diego 7:05 PM              San Diego, CA
8/11/2010           Boston at Toronto 7:07 PM                        Toronto, ON
8/12/2010          LA Dodgers at Philadelphia 7:05 PM        Philadelphia, PA
8/13/2010          Arizona at Washington 7:05 PM               Washington,DC
8/14/2010         Philadelphia at NY Mets 7:10 PM              Flushing, NY

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