Timeless Chokes from Sports History

We all love those great sporting moments where the competition is so stiff that it causes one of the teams to choke. Whether its football, soccer, baseball or tennis, there’s never a dull moment when the favorite team or player chokes under pressure. For some or other reason, there is just something about that final moment of glory being ripped out from under your feet that sticks to the books like taffy. Here are a couple of those moments that we all love (hate) to remember…
Okay, so there have been plenty football botch ups in the last decade or so and some of which have been just as legendary, but the one that sticks out in my mind the most, happened back in the ’92-’93 season. The Oilers had a mountainous 32 point lead over the Bills; a score surpassed only by the 53 meter touchdown that Bubba Mcdowell secured in the very same game. The choke comes in when Oilers let Frank Reich rule with his right arm, to bring the Bills back to a 3 point win at the end of the fourth quarter – Sick in anyone’s books.
In 1999 the world saw the US play rugby on an international level for the first time in the Rugby world cup. They were playing against some of the top sides in the world, so it’s understandable that they didn’t do too well. However, that same tournament saw another famous sports choke in the semi-final between the All-blacks and the French. 24-10 was the score after half time and the All-Blacks were looking pretty. Unfortunately, the frogs did a leap and roped in 26 points within a 13 minute period to send the New Zealanders packing – Epic stuff!
2004 saw the Yankees go down in history, to become the first team to lose a series with a 3 match lead. In a best-of-seven series, they choked the following 3 games and finally succumbed to the devilish pitching of Curt Schilling to drop the final game with a 10-3 score. The Red-Sox managed to add more proof the ever pressing rivalry between the two teams. They also went on to clench their first World Series title in 84 years!
The Champions League from Europe is renowned for top class soccer. Show-casing the world’s premier players at their best, and their worst, the tournament never has dull moment. 2008 saw two of the best teams in the world battle it out, and at the extra-time whistle Manchester United and Chelsea were tied with a goal each, sending them into a penalty shoot-out. It’s always a nail-biting finish when each team has to rely on their best feet to tear through the back nets. Unfortunately, the pressure was too much for Terry and Anelka, allowing the trophy decorations to go the Red-Devils way – ouch!
The list can go on and on, and whether you’re at the local sports bar or your neighbor’s barbeque, these unforgettable moments in sporting history will be remembered forever!

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