Playboy’s Voluptuous Vixen Corinne Morrill Gets Dirty With COED (42 PICS)


Corinne Morrill is a 21-year-old model from Vancouver, Washington now living in Los Angeles. She’s appeared on‘s “Fresh Faces” and has modeled for Kelsie Edison, Upheaval, Carl Evans,, and Robert Johnson. She likes to ride (bulls, horses, shotgun in NASCAR cars) and dance. If you ever take her on a date, you might want to lose all forms of communication and technology. Trust me. Without further ado, here’s Corinne!

AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5ft 2in

COED: When did you first pose nude? Were you nervous?

CORINNE: I first posed nude when I was 18, it was for a guy I knew who claimed to be a photographer. He probably just wanted to see my tatas, either way they turned out amazing but because I knew him personally I wasn’t nervous at all, plus I love being naked, so being naked and getting paid was a dream. :)

COED: What influenced you to pose for Playboy?

CORINNE: Bryleigh Rayne influenced me a TON! She dragged me to the casting call and gave me the balls (if I can say that) to do it.

COED: What’s your favorite part of being a Playboy model?

CORINNE: My favorite part is that I got to meet a ton of amazing girls. Growing up I hated girls because of all the drama they carried so I always hung around boys and never really got that whole ‘girlfriend vibe.’ But being a part of Playboy has really given me a huge sisterhood that I will have forever and the best thing is that there isn’t any drama! It’s amazing!

COED: What was your reaction when your pictures were published?

CORINNE: I couldn’t WAIT for them to come out! I was so excited they day of, I refreshed the page about every 5 minutes to see if they were posted.

COED: How did your friends and family respond?

CORINNE: My friends who were mostly guys loved it. Go figure, right? My family’s reaction actually surprised me, they went out and told everyone! I was really relieved they didn’t disown me! The only person who had an issue was my dad, but that’s expected, right? (laughs)

COED: Of all your shoots, which one was your favorite?

CORINNE: Out off my playboy shoots, my fave was the one where I wore the black, it’s actually the only set that managed to keep off search engines and stuff. So, you actually have to subscribe to see it.

COED: Your profile on Playboy’s Fresh Faces site states you love spending time with your horse and riding is one of your favorite things to do. How long have you had the horse? What’s his/her name? Have you ever ridden bareback ? Does horseback riding help you in any other areas of your life?

CORINNE: I’ve grown up with horses my whole life, but that particular horse is 13 now. She’s my baby! I have never ridden bareback, and I’m not too sure if I ever will. I don’t even think I could get on a horse without the saddle! Riding has without a doubt helped me in every aspect of my life! It is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic things to do!

COED: Your Playboy profile also states you enjoy music and dancing? What’s your favorite genre / album / artist / song? What’s your go-to song to getting that lovin’ feeling? When you’re sad, what picks you up? What was your most memorable concert experience? Favorite dance move?

CORINNE: I could go on for HOURS about music! I really cannot give you an artist, album or song name but I will tell you that I love country music! There is nothing that will help you mend a broken heart better then listing to Terri Clark! It is insane how much a song can change your mood when sung by the right person. I just went to a Lady Antebellum concert at the rodeo and it was BEYOND amazing! It was just pure music, no fancy backdrops or anything. They rocked the area all by themselves! Obviously my arms are always up in my pictures, so I’m going to have to admit that shaking my heiny is my signature dance move!

COED: Among your dislikes on the profile are rainy weather and bugs. Don’t you live near Portland where it rains like whoa?

CORINNE: YESSSSSS, it rained like no other! I wore my rain boots more than anything else. We had way too much of a good thing but luckily I just moved to L.A. so I’m getting my share of sunshine!

COED: Why do you dislike bugs? What about ladybugs and butterflies?

CORINNE: Bugs are just nasty, I can deal with a ladybug or two, but even butterflies freak me out. The worst things in the world are crickets, I absolutely hate crickets. I can’t even think of how to explain how much I despise them!

COED: You’ve said you’re an avid exerciser – what’s your favorite body part to work out? What part of your body are you most proud of besides your gorgeous smile?

CORINNE: I would have to say that I love ab workouts! I think I am addicted to feeling sore!!!! I’m pretty proud of my heiny, being pure white and all, I feel that I have a pretty legit bum. It’s why I shake it all the time :)

COED: Your Facebook page shows you’re a rodeo fan. How did you get into it? Who’s your favorite cowboy? Do you think you could last eight seconds? What’s your favorite part of rodeo? Do you prefer roughstock (bareback riding, bull riding, etc.) or the timed events (steer wrestling, steer roping, etc.)?

CORINNE: I was born into loving rodeo, while everyone else was watching Cinderella and Pocahontas (which I still haven’t seen) I was watching rodeos on TV. It also just kind of comes with the country side of life. Clayton Hass definitely is my favorite cowboy, inside and outside of the area! Bull riding and bareback riding are awesome but 8 seconds is nowhere near long enough to keep me satisfied so the timed events take the cake and, of course, I can last for 8 seconds!

COED: You also appear to love NASCAR – who’s your favorite driver? Have you been to any races?

CORINNE: I just got into NASCAR at the end of last season… if that’s even what it is called. So, I don’t know a lot about all of the drivers and stuff but I’ll admit I have a tiny crush on Kasey Kahne so, if anyone knows of someone who knows him put in a good word! ;)

COED: Describe your perfect weekend.

CORINNE: My perfect weekend would consist of me and Mr. Right staying on a secret ranch in the middle of nowhere, no cell service or cable, just spending every second eating each other up! I love getting away from technology and escaping the crazy world out there!

COED: What is your favorite outfit?

CORINNE: NOTHING beats tees and shorts! Being comfy is a must in my book!

COED: You have a beautiful tattoo of a flower on your back/side – when did you get it, who inked you and what made you pick that? Do you have any others? Will you be getting any more?

CORINNE: I got that tattoo when I turned 18, we went to Vegas and I ended up just walking into some parlor and pulling out a picture that my uncle had drawn for me on a napkin one day when we went out to eat! I love it but I don’t plan on getting anything else unless I get my husband’s name tattooed under my wedding ring.

COED: Can you explain, “Pulling a Corinne”?

CORINNE: “Pulling a Corrinne” is just a better name for going commando! ;)

COED: What do you like most about Vancouver, WA?

CORINNE: The thing I love about Vancouver is the snow! I miss all the snowmen and snow fights! Plus we never get snow days in L.A. and those were always the best.

COED: Vancouver’s Wikipedia page says that “Each September sees St. Joseph Catholic School host the Vancouver Sausage Fest, drawing attendance upwards of 100,000 over three days.” Have you been to a Sausage Fest? And doesn’t it stop being a Sausage Fest when you’re there?

CORINNE: (laughs) I have actually never been to the Sausage Fest! It sounds like a blast though, but I find it ironic that a church throws it ;) I might have to check that out!

COED: Do you go to Portland often?

CORINNE: I used to work in Portland so it was like my second home.

COED: Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever hooked up?

CORINNE: I think the craziest place was on the back of my dad’s four-wheeler in back of our ranch property, there weren’t any trees or anything. We just prayed we were far enough out that no one could see!

COED: What’s a little known fact about yourself that almost no one knows?

CORINNE: That is a good question, but if I told you wouldn’t everyone know? :)

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