Lewis Black Verbally Rapes BP Over The Oil Spills

You know it’s a backwards society when you can become famous for simply talking over people. Where I come from, that’s called bad manners and it’s usually followed by a stern stare and a reminder to be mindful of other people. I’m old school though I guess. But yelling at people and making them feel inferior is what keeps guys like Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and the panelists at Around the Horn gainfully employed. Which is sad since comedian Lewis Black was doing it since before saying something was “in style” was, in fact, in style. One need look no further than this clip.

Black recorded this little spiel to promote his upcoming stand-up special and DVD “Stark Raving Black” (which if I didn’t know any better, I’d think was a KKK propaganda film circa 1962). First, he answers the question of why he always yells. To him, it’s a natural reaction that signifies how happy he is. Interesting tactic, Lewis but you’ll have to excuse me if I get far away from you if you get any higher than “really happy.”

Then comes his two cents about the scandal of the moment — the British Petroleum Oil Spill. And after watching this tirade, it’s clear that he is just saying what the rest of us are thinking: what about our seafood? I’m all for preservation of the Gulf of Mexico but I’m slightly more concerned about the condition of my salmon and catfish. So, if you’re scoring my priority scale at home, that’s food at number one and the condition of one of our most prized natural resources is at number two.

It’s no wonder this country is full of sloth’s fatty’s. Because while I’m worried about getting all the oil out of the gulf, I worry as a compulsive eater and not as a green thumbed hippie. So if Lewis Black can say more things like this in his new DVD, I may be inclined to listen. You know, while I’m eating some shrimp alfredo.

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